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      Majority of my dreams are violent

      The majority of my dreams are always so violent. I kinda always had violent dreams. What's also weird is I sometimes even have fun in the moment of being violent. I don't get scared. If anything I get a good adrenaline rush. I'm never for no reason violent though I have a reason in the dream but sometimes I get carried away and too violent. I also never lose in my dreams. Here are some dreams I managed to never forget.

      Dream #1
      One part of an old dream I remember was I was kinda in a gang and someone stole my friends truck. Me and the "gang" went after them and it turned into a huge gun fight. I remember feeling so enraged. While bullets were flying everywhere I saw someone try getting away with my friends truck so I ran up pulled him out and pointed my gun at his head and started pulling the trigger but my bullets turned into rubber bullets so I started bashing his head with the bottom of the gun. That's all I really remember with this dream.

      Dream #2
      There was this specific moment I remember in the dream where I came across this guy. I didn't know him but he made me so mad but I forget for what reason. I started pushing him around and punching him in the face and I didn't stop I just kept punching him and he didn't fight back. I remember feeling anger and feeling like I was doing this for a reason I had no remorse for him. I felt like he deserved what I was doing to him. But now thinking of it today seems like I got carried away.

      I've had many dreams where I defend people mostly. I would come across a bully picking on someone and would stop him and it always ended with me beating the crap out of them violently. Whenever I do get in fights where I feel anger I never stop and continue to fight them even when they aren't fighting back. Like I am trying to kill them. I also noticed every person I fought was a stranger. Someone I never met.

      I've had many violent dreams where I fight and I always win and majority of them are fast paced like I know what to do by instinct which is crazy cause I have little experience in fighting. I've only been in 1 serious fight in my life and a few sparring matches. But I also sometimes have dreams where I fight and feel so mad but with a force trying to stop me. Like I move so slow every punch I throw is slow. Almost like trying to throw punches under water but stronger then that. If you workout the force slowing me down feels like when you're doing your max. Every punch takes so much effort but how mad I get I still fight it and keep fighting until I beat them.

      My dreams aren't always people though. I also had dreams where I have powers and fighting other people with power or monsters that are huge.

      I wonder why I have such violent dreams. I always thought they were from playing so much video games but now it's been about 2 years since I really got into gaming like how I use to. I rarely play games now.

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      In my mind
      Violence is always acted out if we run out of options of handle our emotional energy in any other way, that is not yet know to us. And violence is the very expression of that inner emotional confusion we occationally feel, as we come face to face with our inner demons. But dreams can be triggered by exposure of violence as well. It's an expression, even if it's a primal one. It is stil possible to change atomatic behaviour over time, if we are curious enough to hold back what seems so natural and obvious for us to do in that given situation. We seem to instantlly know that we need to punish the person/persons without even concider our situation. And that is why violence sometimes seems so hard to prevent, since it usually happen to us before we even know it is happening. That's why there needs to be a even stronger reason or curiosity to prevent that violent outcome as a natural cause. If we want to learn to see beyond our curent behaviour, even in dreams.
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      I used to have extremely violent dreams when I was 16-20 (I'm 25 right now). I feel it's in large due to my traumatic brain injury. It caused severe depression, extreme social anxiety along with equally extreme social withdrawal and isolation. Something I had to deal with was very vivid, often uncontrollable (although sometimes I indulged in them) violent, homicidal fantasies on an extremely regular basis. Hatred and absurd levels of aggression and agitation/annoyance were just a part of all that.

      Obviously I was pretty disturbed at the time, but does any of that sound like you, even if it seems far more extreme in my case? If not, I'm not really sure what it could mean. Do you consume a lot of media centered around violence and gore?

      Here are some examples of some of my dreams--if you feel weird about yours at all, perhaps mine might make you feel more normal:

      I often found myself having gore filled dreams back then. I had one where I was a disembodied camera and I watched the story of a Korean guy who got tied up with a Korean mob/crime syndicate, who went into a bar and the mob went after him... one mobster guy came up close to him in a crowded area and had a chainsaw and used it to cut a random civilian's head in half and blood and brains went everywhere. Several others involved me either killing somebody circumstantially (I stabbed my dad in the back while he was facing me with a knife he used to attack me that I wrestled out of his hands by making him stab a pillow I picked up, held out in front of me, and twisted to wrench it free--technically self defense, but he was oddly sorry about attacking me as I basically was holding him in a kind of hug with the my hand still clutching the knife I plunged in his back as he was dying), or being forced to kill people with random blunt objects for no other reason than I felt compelled to by a mysterious force that I felt powerless to, and usually they would cling to life for several minutes while I was forced to maul them to actually get them to die. Despite being filled with hate and aggression and having homicidal fantasies regularly at the time, in the dreams I never really wanted to kill the people but I was forced to.

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