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      Help Understanding Dream with a dead relative

      I was really bothered about a dream that I had a few days ago and was wondering if maybe it meant something and if so, any input or answers would be helpful.

      Here's a little History before I tell my dream: (maybe it can help interpret the dream better)
      So to start off my uncle, who was very young, had passed away on my birthday which was exactly a month and a day ago.. I grew up in the same house hold with him and later in my teenage years moved out to live with my mother so contact with him got shorter.. A few years back I decided to cut all contact and ties with my family due to personal reasons and haven't spoken to him in a while.. I did think of him a few times, considering I'd stop being prideful and maybe reach out to him to see how he was doing but never got a chance to do so.. come to find out he had passed away..

      Now getting to my dream.
      I was in my fathers house on his balcony and I found my uncle there lying dead and I was trying my hardest to bring him back to life. I was smacking him trying to lift his dead body up, while he was just lying there senseless..His face and body looked pale and sunken into his bones.. Then out of no where my father (my uncles brother) also appeared to be dead in my dream and popped up lying next to my dead uncle on the balcony (hes alive btw). I proceeded to bring my father back to life, with success (for the moment). I lifted him up and carried him into the house from the balcony. while he was mumbling something and I grabbed the phone to called 911 for help. I then woke up because my alarm clock rang... So I never got to find out if I saved my father or not..But I know my uncle was not saved in my dream from what I remember..

      Can this mean that my uncle came to my dream to warn me of danger? Ask for help? or to make me feel guilt? Please help I feel so un-easy and have been very emotional all morning.

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      Hi, were you able to understand your dream better?
      Do you feel guilty about not calling your uncle b4 he passed away this might be a reflection of that and since you also dream about your father maybe representing the rest of your family, it might not be to late to speak with them, and reestablish connection.

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      First off, my condolences. Second, while I believe our loved ones who have crossed over can visit us in our dreams what you have said does not fit my expectations of such a visit. You mention guilt and that would be my first clue to explore. I'm inclined to think the dream is about relationships. I also wonder how your father is dealing with the death of his brother. Can it be that your father could use some help in dealing with his brother's death?

      You can also ask that you have a follow up dream that sheds more light on the issue. Just go to bed with the intention of receiving better understanding of your previous dream.


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