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      Dreaming about a sportsman and clothes

      I'm a male.

      In this dream I see a very famous male sportsman(a cricketer from the team I support), he is currently 35 years old and he is wearing a white shirt, which he knocks on the door and then a young female opens the door.

      He then asks this female "can you give me my clothes" (he is already wearing clothes).

      After this the female goes back to get his clothes(which he is already wearing clothes) and then females come running towards him screaming at him in a good way because he is handsome. I'm watching all of this.

      I felt normal in the dream. I have respect for this sportsman and he is a handsome man.

      As for my background, I'm almost 28 and I like females a lot. Their are females in my vicinity who also have an interest in me.

      What is the significance of this dream please?

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