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      Series of strange political dreams on two consecutive nights

      So I have had two dreams in which I am in political places/situations, on two consecutive nights.

      Dream 1 (last night)

      Last night I dreamt I was an intern for the new (UK) Cabinet. I was sitting in a massive radio interview with the whole Cabinet in attendance, in which the interviewers quizzed Theresa May about the names and identities of all the new Cabinet members and staff, including the lowly interns. However, the other intern was away for the day, and nobody knew his name. To reveal that you did not even know the names of your own interns would obviously have been political suicide, so while Theresa May was stalling the interviewer, everybody else was hurriedly trying to find out/guess the absent intern’s name. They eventually gave up and agreed that they should just make up his name in the hope that it would be correct. The name they chose was the very suspicious ‘Harry Bread’. This whole scene felt mildly amusing at the time, I guess.

      After the interview I was allowed to leave, but they explicitly said I would not be allowed to exit the front door, and would have to take the side entrance instead. I then got lost in the ground floor rooms of Downing Street. All the rooms were dark and empty, with the only light coming from Christmas trees. Things didn't seem too scary, because of the Christmas trees, but it was slightly unnerving with the darkness. I tried walking back and forth through the rooms, passing the front door, but never found the side door I was supposed to take. The front door kept on opening as I walked past it (much like an automatic door), which freaked me out a bit, because I felt like I shouldn't be activating it. I then got my feet tangled up in the light cables of one of the Christmas trees, which began to topple. I was obviously pretty scared about wrecking Downing Street, so this part was a brief moment of fear before waking up.

      Dream 2 (night before)

      I dreamt that I was flying. I flew into PMQs (Prime Minister's Questions), and landed next to Theresa May, on her right. Then a Labour Member of Parliament threw a water bomb at the Prime Minister, at which point chaos ensued. Police/guards tried to disperse some of the Labour MPs and there was a general uproar. Theresa May turned to me and said, 'Why do they always do this to me? How do I make them stop?' I said, 'Maybe you should stop stealing from the poor'. Like the earlier part of Dream 1, this scene felt mostly amusing and light-hearted to me at the time.

      A little about me

      I am a PhD student, hoping to finish my thesis in October. I guess that makes me somewhat stressed. Unsure about what to do after, but was vaguely considering something non-academic, maybe political, maybe within the realm of diplomacy. I would say that I have political views: left-wing, opposed to Brexit, opposed to Theresa May, etc.
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