Hi guys, pretty new here. Hope you're having a good day
I had rowing practice in the morning, and decided to take a nap before work. Then I had the most bizarre dream I've had in a while and found this place.
So let's jump right in:

I was in a weird-shaped small pool with a group of friends (in the dream, I have no idea who they are in real life). I think it was a gathering of some sort, maybe a special occasion like a birthday. Nobody was swimming, they were just chilling.

At one point everybody fell asleep. It was early in the morning, got out and walked to a different pool. I noticed the place is built like some sort of maze with all bunch of pools (looking like the indoors of the showers area). At this point I started to suspect that I might be dreaming. found an olympic pool full of little kids swimming, some of them just learning, still with their water-wings. Stepped on to the springboard, and one of the lifeguards noticed me and said I wasn't suppose to be in this pool, and I should go back to mine. I asked if I can swim one round and get out and he agree.

As I was getting ready to jump, the springboard turned into a slowly swinging rope that everyone was standing on. The edge of the pool got further away and back again as the rope swing. I realized that something was off. I told myself this doesn't make any sense, and because of that - I can make that dangerous jump and hit and pool instead of the edge. Jumped into the water and started swimming underwater, and then started rowing, trying my best to swim as good as I row (I do olympic rowing in real life).

there was a moment under water, where I realized I was dreaming. as I got my head out of the water, the entire building turned darker, the pool was now empty (no swimming children or any lifeguard in sight).
Went back to the other pool where I first started to look for my friends, as I was feeling very uneasy, but it was also empty.
I tried to make myself wake up but nothing happened and I got a bit scared now. the building got darker, and it was lightly foggy.

Suddenly those friends showed up but they didn't recognized me. they were shouting at me and keeping me away from them. I tried to explain who I am but they wouldn't listen. I found my pants on the floor, and started to look for my keys to prove that I'm... me (I don't know why that would prove anything), but when I got the keys out of my pocket, my house key was red instead of blue in real life. I got very confused, and then a guy shoved me and told me to give him back his things. I tried to explain that those were my things, I just don't understand what's going on but he got more aggressive as I tried to make sense of what was happening.

I remembered it was all a dream and tried to wake up again. failed.

suddenly I was alone, and I felt something odd in my mouth. I spit it into my hand and saw a white, broken tooth.
right after that, I felt more teeth getting loose, and easily pulled out two teeth that were stuck together. they were yellow, and very squared-shaped, kind of like lego.
For a moment I started to panic, but then I remembered again I was dreaming and calmed down.
the people I thought were my friends in my dream started pushing me again, surrounding me as I hold my teeth in my hand.

Then, finally, I woke up.

I'm using an app that monitors your sleep cycles to know when it is best to wake-you up.
I noticed I snoozed for like five times, and I had the deepest sleep I've had in a while, I think.
Tried to upload some screenshots but the files were too large.

Sorry for the long post, I guess I'm pretty freaked out about this.
Any opinion or theory is welcomed.