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      My dream or in this case a nightmare always shows up like once a week since I was 13. It's me in my home along with my family then all of the sudden the TV in the living room plays the EAS alarms in this case rabid dogs. I see my parents chatting as is if nothing happens no matter how much I scream at them. A dog manages to get in and out of mid air a sharp stick comes into my hand then I plunge it into the rabid dog. My dad finally comes to me and tells me nothing is wrong with it and to clean it up. I check in the backroom which has a glass door and I see hundreds of rabid dogs on the prowl as I shut the door a rabid dog tries to get in by sticking its head through, I kick it and it whimpers and runs away. I lock it and I run to my family to see that they're gone. I look all around the house and nothing. I lock all the doors and I shit there in the middle of the house while everything is still silent. (I woke up at this point because my body began to overheat.)
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      Hi there, Blitz,

      Let's see....

      Sounds like a recurring theme with you ("always shows up like one a week since-")... What this means is there is something you have not, yet, come to resolve from your past ("since i was 13.") Whatever it is, the dream hints at how this began....

      Dream talks about you ("my home").... You are not alone ('with my family"). So, you have your family in mind, here... Tv represents life situations. Things that happen on the regular; but, may be out of the norm for other families.. You get me? Lol. Well.....

      The dream talks about something erupting ("EAS Alarm").... in your living situation ("living room)" *Because it is the television and not a house alarm, this serves as a warning to what is going on and causing friction ("rabid dogs"). I say, warning, because usually, when the television gives off an audible a signal or a test of an emergency system being broadcast to a geographic location as to a situation that is likely to occur.

      May very well be a sense that you know, intuitely, that something is going to happen and it's going to be bad ( "TV" + "EAS Alarm")....

      Rabid dogs....? Whew.... Nasty stuff, there! Yet..... The dream says it is something you hear or sense... and it seems you are the only one effected by the things you've been hearing.... ("-parents chatting as if nothing happens"). Something you are trying to tell them ("-no matterr how much I scream at them.")....... They are either unaware of what you are trying to tell them, or they do not care about these things...

      Dogs are man's best friend, so they say.... However, in dreams, animals are the character nature of individuals known to the dreamer. They represent the character of a person the subconscious only recognizes by the way they carry on and behave.... So, here are some individuals that are contemptible, wicked and crewl... something they were able to do ("a dog manages") and this particular individual found their way in, somehow... ("-to get in-).

      Dream talks about something that you were able to control ("comes into my hand")... Some power you had, something, you were able to do. Whatever you did, the dream says, it came to you quickly ("-out of mid air-). A spontaneous act. You responded ("I plunged into-") to the individual ("rabid dog").

      Some authority figure, here ("my dad") assured you that everything would be okay ("tells me nothing is wrong with it-") and that you have to make amends? ("clean it up")... Something you have to do to tie up loose ends....

      Some place where you are able to see what's on the other side ("backroom" + "glass door") **doors can keep in or keep out what is not wanted. to prevent... However, being able to see through the door, allows for the ability to see... or knowing... what is on the other side of door to the room you find yourself in this dream... What you see, here, shows the things you know are before you.... ("I see hundreds of rabid dogs")...... Looks like a bunch of people waiting for whatever an oportunity ("on the prowl") they can get... **Notice, too, this is your perspective on the matter, as it is your view of what you see.... Something, i guess, you just wanted to see ("I check in")... Perhaps, too... a sign-in somewhere... Did you travel at some point?

      You're just beginning to finish something or finding closure on a matter ("shut the door") closing off something or someone..... Someone reared their ugly head ("sticking it's head trhough").... May be having stuck their neck in the matter.... May be peeping in or disturbing you... Something you did to this individual ("I kicked it") and you hurt this person ("-it whimpers") and it looks like they may be leaving you alone or may be avoiding you ("runs away").

      Dream says you are preventing something ("I lock it").....

      Dream says you ("I run to my family") May be seeking some support in some form.... But, it seems as if no one is there to support you ("they're gone"). You are looking for a familiar close bond with individuals; but, you're not finding what you seek ("I look all around the house and nothing"). **Note that the house represents one's self. It is how a dreamer sees themselves in society. The "house" focusses on self... Therefore, the dream may be hinting that what you seek is outside of yourself... keeping in mind that you are looking around the house, at this point...

      At this point, you have locked yourself off from the rest of the world... preventing something ("I lock all the doors"). Keeping one'self protected? or as a measure of security! And, you are waiting for something ("I sit there") *unless, of course, you meant what you said.. lol... So, no ass out of you and me when I assume you are patient about a matter ("I sit there").... and, you may meditate or it seems you feel very alone ("everything is still silent"). Perhaps, too, you feel you have not gotten the support you need and you are or were still waiting for an answer.... Something you dont have an answer about...


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