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    Thread: Checks in the mail

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      Checks in the mail

      I dreamed of being at a bus station. There was something like a post office for travelers, where you could pick up your mail. There was a window like they have at check cashing places. They put my mail through the window, and it was several pieces of mail, all checks. I didn't look at the amounts, but I knew they were big checks.

      I wonder about this, because I've been homeless for almost 4 years.
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      Hi there, Iroylw,

      Dream opens by talking about you being in a period of wait.... ("being at a bus station") Trying to get somewhere in life but waiting for it to come... Meanwhile....... the place you find yourself in, is one of communication ("-something like a post office-" + "travelers") for personalities.... ("-for travelers-") a place to communicate. Email ("-where you could pik up your mail.") Some opportunity ("a window") to make money ("-check cashing place"). May work out for you... ("severl pieces of mail, all checks")... Something short-term....

      **Perhaps, too, it may be that you have picked up on ("you could pick up-") something of more value or something valuable ("all checks"). Either way, the dream says you do not or did not care how much it costs or what it means to you.. ("I didn't look at the amounts"). Whatever it was... But, you know things are or were going to turn out spectacularly ("they were big checks").

      It would be interesting to know when you had this dream? And, whether you actually caught the bus you needed to catch, in the dream?

      I sympathize with your plight, my friend. If it is any consolation to you, the dream offers a window ("-the window-")... something you exchanged, ("they put my mail through-") So, whatever you were attempting, according to the dream, it went through....


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