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      Committing mass murder

      I had a dream of committing a mass murder with a knife. I'm not going to say it was terrifying because it really wasn't. To be honest, in my dream I was extremely calm and having the time of my life. An organization stole something from me (that I don't actually possess in real life), and I went around stabbing them all several times in the gut. I believe one of them was a "friend" (I didn't actually recognize anyone in the dream), and I slit another dude's throat. Afterwards, I drove off with a group of people who worked for me to search for my missing item. We stopped at one of their houses to go to sleep, and while I was laying down I realized I didn't clean anything up and began to worry about imprisonment. I then woke up. It was probably one of the most realistic dreams I've ever experienced. Dreams of murder have been occurring a lot more recently lately, what could this one mean?
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      Funny thing is I have violent dreams too. I'm not always the culprit. There's nothing wrong with slaying people in dreams. In a lot of religious literature (hinduic) it's so reverred it's ridiculous.
      Not everyone has violent dreams I think it has to be in you. A wild side or something.

      I think the missing item is an important piece in ur dream. I'd try to figure out what it means to you. Try figuring out an analogy in ur real life situation with these people you murdered. And perhaps it's a symbol for 'missing information'.

      If youre worried about not cleaning up maybe you are worried that you are too violent. Because it's frowned upon by society and they put people like that in jail.

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      Maybe you would have the time of your life calmly killing others' influence or affect on you, freeing you hence the extreme calm.
      Because they may take something form you, in organizing with them, and you want it back. Whether freedom, or individuality.
      Stabbing their guts can also mean you hurt your emotion in relation to others.
      The one who was a friend could be this part of you, that can then join them better, but you don't yet recognize.
      Ending communication of the other might reflect either side too. So what is missing with you in the group?

      You haven't cleaned this up, nor become aware enough to fix it, so imprisons you rather than being free.
      The dreams of murder can be of you, and others, at the same time.

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