Growing increasingly annoyed not knowing the meaning of this dream so I have to see if maybe some of this makes sense to you.

I had several dreams one morning but one of them started with me being in third person zoomed in on a black piglet. As the camera moves upward away from the piglet I see there is another animal beside it, and seeing only it's necklace of rows of bullets pointing towards it's chest I'm thinking first it to be another pig but bigger, but it turns out to be a monkey. As the view moves even further upward I see that they are actually in the middle of a circus, and on some sort of staging/scaffolding next ot them there is another monkey with the head of Tommy Lee Jones. He says something and I don't remember what, but this prompts the other monkey to finally make an attempt to flee.

As the monkey starts fleeing, my view changes to the monkey's point of view, and the monkey is no longer a monkey but a man, that is, me. As I flee I get the sense that people are after me, but also that I have people on my side that will help me escape, and not only that, but I am apparently their leader.

The scene changes to me running down a hallway on basement level with people with guns running after me. I don't remember if they were shooting, but to escape I try to shut them out with a door. As the door is about to close, they all splatter and blood flushes through the spring.

Here a spirit introduces himself to me. He says this was just a prank. I'm not sure if he meant that this was just an illusion (the people who were after me) or if he just let them get that close to prank me. He then writes his name in blood (I assume of these my enemies) which conveyed his prankyness, as well as his power.

After that I had another dream. I'm not sure if all of the dreams I had that morning are supposed to be related to each other, like different chapters.

One way to see it is that the people who were chasing me and the people who were supposed to help me (but none came of course except the spirit) are my thoughts. BUT, these people do turn to blood, and the spirit writes his name in it, so I don't know if that is a clue to interpret it and if that is somehow related to thoughts or what it could be related to.

The piglet could be my boss, and I've entertained the thought that the circus is my workplace, which is not a bad description of it (I work in a sales office). However, in the dream previous to this one, the father of my girlfriend had recently bought a piglet as well, however this one had long grey hair like that of a dog. The context of this dream could be that he made an investment, and so, perhaps this is supposed to mean an investment as well.

I have no idea why Tommy Lee Jones appeared on the monkey, but my first reaction was that he does look a little bit like a monkey. He's won an Oscar for "Fugitive" which is what I became after following his advice.

Anyway, perhaps some of you have a better idea of what this could mean.