the following are my two best dreams ever.. I memories them by heart thats how good hey were. so here hey are.

dream 1=pleasant hell

In the dream I was a kunoichi.... a.k.a a female ninja. I was climbing down a latter into the sewer/hell/a cave with clean water. yes I t was all three but mainly it was a cave with clean wear and for some reason a man hole entrance. I was so powerful my irises glowed pink. I even ad goggles and looked the part. I fought some demons and kicked there butts. then the dream recounts the legend of how many dragons I killed with kuni alone that day. kind of post this happening though I come to a door and one he pother side of that door is the devil. so what do I do. I kick in the door and yell lucy I'm home.{yeah bad 1940'as t.v. show pun but it's hillarious here.} so then i preceded to hand the devil his butt.. I realy don't see him in the dream then I leave the way i came.

at this time In my life I was feeling pretty confident in myself and had just moved....

dream 2. kill bioll and rocket heals

yeah tis is the last dream I wanted interpreted. I was standing on top of a building again as a woman. dressed very immodestly. I could go into details but this is not that kind of forum. I stood there wearing a pair of rocket hill and carrying a wierd shot on that shot out giant spikes tat exploded the spikes had siren like lights on the end. tthe first thing I did in the dream was kill someone with a long rage shot. then I jumped off the building and used my rocket hills before I got to the bottom stopping me from dying. then I jumped into a long duct going underground to a Gurage holding tochkoma style tanks. {think ghost in the shell.} and I kill two guards. after that the tanks turned on and I use hacking grenades to take them over and they fight for me till I leave and then go up into a sewage with no sewage and I am cornered but wall to wall soldiers all holding guns on me and there is no room for an escape and thats where the dream ends.

P.s. you may be asking how many times dose he guy dream of being a girl. maybe two to thee times a year.. with varying results.

p.s and yes I must mention this. i was wearing a miniskirt. this dream hi me out of the blue and right around the time I felt good in my life.