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      I want some HELP!....this dream may be important ???

      I don't remember a lot but there were some key bits although not shown as it would be in reality nor make sense, its just the fact that it was there and how I felt when I woke up. This guy Josh who I believe is my twin flame and someone I knew in a few past lives, the previous one I'm most interested in. I told him I loved him, he didn't love me, we had sex twice and he told everyone and I told the teacher at college and he got a telling off.

      In the dream I saw myself arrive at a school, at times I though it was a high school and other moments a middle school, I may know what school it was, but I'd arrive at the school in a uniform and boys shoes black leather, smart suit shoes I guess that were pointy and I had a big black rucksack and people spoke to me in a coat/cloak room and asked me about other people in my waking life, next I'd sit on the floor in an assembly, people were being naughty and laughing and teachers were moaning, I was sat next to Josh and I was being confident and cocky telling him he was a prick or a f****** I can't remember whilst laughing at him, in waking life I'm scared around him, there was a bit when we were in a bedroom on a bed I think whilst at it we were flicking through CDs to listen to and songs in the background.

      There was also a bit where there was an article online where I told the story about my feelings for him and the way he responded to it and he left a comment to someone as if he were defending himself for doing something to me. HERE'S A PUZZLING BIT, it was like a fairy land garden style graveyard I think and there were these big oval with a triangle point at the top type see through pod, like a tank people get frozen in but in the shape of a tear drop. In it was a man who I've never met but know of, I think I knew him in another life, I think it was Josh, Josh is his re-incarnation, it was weird because he was dressed the way he'd never actually be presented ever, he wore clothes that weren't his style at all and same for his hair and having a beard, reminded me of an actor I know, he was moaning about women I think.

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      if this guy is your future, you will figure it out later maybe try to focus more on yourself if hes not interested at the moment, it will make you more interesting to him in the future

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