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      Does this make sense to you? Odd mafia dream.

      Really strange dream I just had. Well it was sensible up until the last point.

      It started with some kind of narration as if for a TV-program that someone would "prank" the mafia, or fool them I'm not sure, but I think it was meant more as a prank, with a suitcase with false money in it, or none at all.

      Immediately the one who was supposed to do the deal is sitting with three other people around a table in a garden setting. I'm there as an observer, I don't appear to have a body but I'm not sure, and I get the impression that there are several people around them observing as well. One of them is the mafia leader and he is explaining some kind of product, and he asks whether he has the money with him. The "deliverer" says yes and shows the suitcase, but doesn't open it. The mafia boss then takes a turn and says "but I don't have the product, I'm actually broke and don't have any money, and you don't have any money. Is it paper money in that suitcase?"

      The deliverer proceeds to open it, and there turns out to be clothes in it. He becomes afraid and tries to blame it on the person next to him saying "you gave it to me!".

      Next he was going to get branded as I understand it, but in the dream he was supposed to get "burned" with a mark. My view was taken to a display board with rows of more and more complex "markings", starting with one dot to several. One marking reminded of the letter M and I heard a voice saying a name several times that began with M, but I don't remember the name.

      As he was about to get branded, and the "burning" would be on his forearms that he had to hold as an X, there is a little blonde girl that leaps out of nowhere and yells "I will protect you" and attempts to place herself before whatever it is that is causing the burning. None of this is any clear. I get the impression that they burn the girl but I don't see it clearly.

      None of the people were familiar to me in any way. The mafia boss looked like any mafia boss, like a real life Fat Tony. The deliverer was a bit short and seemed to have middle eastern or mediterranean background.
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      Could try and guess a few key words and hear if anything seems familiar,
      Mafia, suggests Manipulation or power games
      Fake , dreaming about fake stuff means you or someone you know might be acting fake to get approval, or affraid of something someone else might think
      Being branded could means you or someone you know are being labeled or classified as a certain type of person
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