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      Girlfriend washing my hair

      I had a dream of a girlfriend washing my hair.

      She gently and lovingly washed my hair while I am down on one knee with head lowered. I then put the other foot down so I was on both knees with head down.

      Then I got up with a white towel to dry hair, and said to some guys sitting on the floor to please say thank you to her when she returns.

      We had some misunderstanding that has us apart at the moment.

      Does this infer a fresh start or an ending?

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      To me the symbolism seems to be about trust, care, respect, and showing gratitude.
      She gently and lovingly washed your hair: you believe she genuinely cared for you which is represented by this simple act. You apply significance to the stance you are in, on your knees and head down. Are you seeking forgiveness?
      You tried to make sure that she received your gratitude, even if by proxy of somebody else's words. Why is it that you couldn't thank her yourself? Does your misunderstanding mean you can't speak with her? You clearly have no problem admitting that you are grateful to her.

      Dreams are less about divining the future and more about reading into the subconscious symbolism that they present to you to understand your own state of mind. It seems to me like you still care for her and believe she still cares for you. Or at least you want it to be that way, as you say this misunderstanding has you apart 'at the moment'. If that's true, and you want her back in your life, be prepared to evaluate whether it's worth swallowing your pride and putting aside whatever issues has come between you and show her that keeping her around means more to you than whatever it was you were fighting about. If it's truly something you can't forget/forgive for the sake of your relationship, then you need to consider a fresh start/ending by yourself rather than relying on the interpretation of dreams.

      I wish you the best of luck and hope this helped to some degree

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      Hi Araishu, the reason I can't speak with her she was misguided by 3rd parties interfering to keep us apart through legal hassle. She wanted to resolve that for months, but misinformation by people between us.

      It is easier for her to fix this as she started it in procedural terms. I would show my gratitude. However she is not there once she’s washed/nurtured my hair/head, so I tell the 3 brown men sitting down on the floor "Please say thank you to her when she comes back."

      They are middle aged brown men sitting on the floor leaning against a wall on my right side, dressed in sweater and pants. Sitting to the side and set aside are the action she would take to fix this situation.

      I am first on one knee in proposal posture. Once I feel the love, tenderness, nurturing I realize she will not hurt me, I get down on the other knee too to be fully relaxed. Then I trust her completely and accept her with any of her shortcomings and failings.

      There is no pride, I will express gratitude and love if there is an opportunity. The dream was receiving love and kindness vs forgiveness, I’ve never caused her harm, more her scared of love, emotional connection, fear of hurt if it doesn’t work out. Seems she wants to fix this, make i right and take a break before returning.

      Perhaps you may interpret it differently? Your first interpretation above was very helpful. Thank you
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