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      Vivid dream about an affair, an Italian party and a cougar attack.

      I had a really strange dream last night. I usually don't pay that much attention to my dreams, but it felt like this one was trying to tell me something. It was so long, detailed and vivid. It began with two girls, maybe 17-18 years old, that we're under attack in their house. A group of guys was knocking on their door and wanted to beat them up because of political motives. The guys that tried to attack them seemed like rich douche bags. In this part I was just a "bystander", but I still felt the girls terror very strongly. All of a sudden the focus is changing, and I'm in the scenario too. I'm in the attackers car and they're taking me somewhere, but it doesn't feel like I'm being kidnapped. The prominent feeling right there is rather some kind of excitement.

      I don't know how the next part happens, but suddenly I'm with one of the guy's father. He owns a big, beautiful house and I'm there, for whatever reason, and there's a very sexual tension between us. He's not being very nice or welcoming, but it's clear that we enjoy each others presence on a sexual level. At one point we're snuggling in his bed, and that's when his wife arrives, who I didn't know existed. Note that I'm married in real life and I could feel that I was cheating in the dream. I become terrified and run away from the wife, out of the house, and she's chasing me down.

      When she catches up with me I apologize to her and to my surprise, she's being super sweet and almost submissive towards me. She invites me to a party, which seems to be happening in that house at that time. So next thing I know, I'm at some kind of dinner party. About 25 people are gathered around a long table and they all speak Italian. This makes me think that the man and his wife were Italian. Most people seem to be in their 30's and they're all beautiful and full of character. Everything is just full of life. That's when a black cougar shows up out of nowhere and tries to attack people at the dinner table. It's absolutely chaos - people are running around, trying to hide, standing on tables. I run to hide in the bathroom and two girls are already there. We lock the door behind us and listen to people screaming outside, possibly getting killed. Everything is just horrible at this point, and that's when I wake up.

      Can anyone recognize any general dream symbolism here? I can notice a general long for excitement, I believe, but there's also a lot of interruptions and dangers present. Please, provide me with your wisdom. Thank you.

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      I'm pretty new so don't take any advice at heart but I believe and this is just a little guess that you and your husband haven't been having much sx and you are having your lust pictured in your dreams but since I'm new I don't know what to say about the cheating part but remember don't take my advice to heart especially if you both have been having sx.

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