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      I had bought my childhood home

      This will probably be easy to intepret for some of you.

      Couple of mornings ago my girlfriend sent me a message but I was too tired to go out to the living room to reply. But as I was going back to sleep, in the half awake state, I suddenly had the phone in my hand and tried to reply to her that I am too tired to reply to her. However, the dream phone autocorrected some of the text and one of the words it added or modified to was the name of my childhood friend.

      So more or less, in the next scene as I am now fully dreaming, I appear in the living room of my childhood home, a three bed apartment. My friend is there and some other people I do not know. We are at our current age, and I tell him, quite proudly, that I have bought the place. On the wall was an icon of Mary.

      I am wondering how I should interpret that I had bought the apartment. I also don't really understand the presence of my friend. And I find it funny that this followed the "autocorrect" on my phone, which came when I thought I was still awake. I don't know if the icon is telling something. My mother has a lot of icons, but I do not put such up. The icon in the dream is not one that she or I have had, nor has there ever been one in the place that it hung.
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      Could it be you are having a difference of opinion in spiritual matters than your girlfriend. Maybe your beliefs stem from your childhood (a home usually represents a part of onesself)? You are trying to get a message across but it was misinterpreted? Could the childhood friend represent an idea - what do you remember when you think of that childhood friend? This will probably give a vital clue of what this is about.

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