I had the strangest dream on the morning of 8/24. In my dream, For some odd reason I was hanging out with Lil Uzi Vert, and some other unknown person (light skin black guy, haircut) we were smoking in his living room, while he was playing music off of his phone, all the songs were songs of his I'd heard before. I was asking typical questions to the room, but the other people were too out of it to answer me (I assumed). Finally, I decided to get up, and depart. Upon getting up, Uzi asked where his chains were, to which I replied "around your neck" he uncovered them, and fell asleep. As I tried to leave, I couldn't seem to find my way out. So I attempted to go the way I thought we entered, but instead I found three doors up a flight of stairs. I opened the first door, and it was a closet filled with rugs (more like tapestries) hanging (like posters in a retail store) all decorated with cartoon art that's associated with his projects. Behind them, a white, blond haired woman stood at attention, frozen in place for a moment as if she was standing guard, she then said "hello" and closed the door back. I opened the middle door and there was another closet filled with a various tubes on three racks. I opened the third closet and this one seemed to be setup the same as the second closet, but with far less tubing than the second, yet somehow I distinguished the two as "good" & "bad", the "bad" closet being empty. I was able to walk through the bad closet to which I found my way outside on a rooftop overlooking a city my mind assumed was Washington D.C.. I woke up after this and went on the internet and saw that Lil Uzi Vert's new album would be dropping at midnight, information that has previously been unknown to the world before Thursday Morning 8/24. Can anyone help me decipher this dream? It's been bothering me all day for so many reasons. Especially considering the fact that his album had JUST been announced, I didn't know any of that information. I would like to say I like some of his music, but by no means am I a super fan. I'm just very confused at what any of this could mean, or if it means anything at all. It just seems like it was too elaborate for nothing. I should also mention that it is very rare occurrence that I have dreams.