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      supernatural dream

      for months i have been having many dreams about dark forests and a dream like dark world of forests and a space like dark sky which i cant remember them but recently i had a almost supernatural dream which links to the previous dreams.

      It started when i woke up and i could hear a dark ambient like drone in the sky and it was a breezy cold atmosphere, i then got up and i seemed to be wearing a black polo and black cargos, i then looked around to see vast pitch black hills and eternal pine forests that seemed to go on forever, the sky was a dark purple,black with stars. i then saw a stone path leading up a hill into a opening the forest so i followed it until i reached a strange obelisk type structure made of black stone in a clearing. All of a sudden i heard footsteps and looked behind me to see a girl who had a black dress, pale white skin and long black hair, she looked like a fictional character a film i have seen called alucarda.

      she started talking and said she was the serpent from the garden of Eden and that she had existed since the beginning and the end of time, she told me that life was an illusion and that life is really a dimension of beings and existences that travel to other dimensions and existences upon death, she said that there is a rift in time and space where peoples beings will continue to stay in a state of transcendence in the rift eternally. she said to me that the realm i was in (dream world) was the ultimate state of transcendence and she said that i had been given the knowledge of eternity and now i know how existence exists.

      The girl then told me to watch and as i did she looked out into a dark field and raised her hands to the sky and then i heard a dark choir uplifting type of sound and a purple flash of light appeared in the sky and once it had ceased i saw 1000s of dead bodies in the field and then she exclaimed that this is the remnants of existence, she then walked over to the obelisk and said i would ascend from darkness and she held both of my hands and started staring into my eyes and my soul and then purple and blue light started emanating from her eyes and it got brighter and brighter and as it did i again heard the dark uplifting choir and as it grew brighter i felt my body fading away until the light consumed me and i heard a dark drone again until there was a flash. I remained as a being and i couldnt feel my body or any sensory features except for my mind, i could see a void of blackness around me with stars and galaxies and it felt like i was energy in space and time itself until a final flash of light in the void like a supernova and i all of a sudden woke up.

      ever since it has remained in my head and i keep zoning out and seeing the forests and mountains, i cant explain this almost supernatural experience and what it interprets, and from time to time i keep thinking of the girl and who she was.

      (The girl is a exact clone of a character named alucarda from a 1970s mexican horror film with the theme of satanism, yet the girl in the dream didn't give me a name and the dream had no links to satanic visuals or experiences it was more of a supernatural experience that felt more real than a dream.
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