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      Zombie apocalypse dream long and sad dream, continous no twist in dreaming

      So i had a dream last night until morning i woke up, its the same dream, beacause when i had a dream, the story twists, like when it is a love story, it will sudden change into different story, but today is different, its one story, and its a zombie apocalypse, so it startes this

      Im on a city with my friend ( the friend is my best friend in real life) while walking on the road, it suddenly announced that an infected was found on the other side the the city (so it means we are on the other city, but the other neighboring city is becoming infected) so at first we didnt believe it, but a lot of people were running to the airport or anything, then it was a huge traffic in there, me and my friend dont know what to do, and there this group of musicians playing together on the road like they are playing because of the world is ending, so after a long time, the traffic is reduced, and the musicians is still playing, and we had a news of the zombies are close the place we are standing, and me and my friend run on far away from the zombies, but its not a very far run, while others is running, my friend suddenly spotted a van with a family, so my friend started begging to join them and ride away with us, but the mother in the van refused, so i started begging, i started kneeling down on the ground saying (plss im begging you, take us with you, we dont want to die, help us, plss im begging you help us " and i was crying, and the mother gently touch and lift my head us and says yes, and after im in the van, i was still crying, the family is 2 parents and 3 daughters, so 3 girls, me and my friend was happu, so not that far, we waited 1 of the family members on a restaurant, and while waiting, im always looking at the back of the car, because im afraid of the zombies, and i saw a bad guy tied 4 persons on a chair and threw them on the road, but then the girl comes, and sit on the van, and we had a ride, so we arrive on a place like a big place for a party, becayse they said they had a party, so we stayed there ( really who would have a party in the middle of the zombie apocalypse" and im a boy so dont forget that haha, and while on the party we watched different presentations like singing blah blah ah, and one of the family members who helps up is someone i knew in real life we go to the CR and says we wait each other outside, but then when i am pee on the bowl, a kid suddenly look to me and said lets fight, i didnt agree, but he suddenly hit me on the back, so i fight him, theres alot of people watching, then after i beat him, i help him get up, then i went out side the comfort room, and went to the party, so while watching i say "congrats" to the girl that i got close with because she won on the presentation she had, and a friend suddenly came on thee party, i ask him, where are the zombies? He says its still far away from here, and a friend of mine sings infront of the party, so after that, another friebd of mine came she is a girl and talking to me, after the party is finished, i reunited with my bestfriend, then the guard says "everyone calm down and get down" so we crouch, then the lights are off, then theres a window on the gymnasium, i looked onto it, and theres zombie running on the road, its near to us, then it gives me goosebumps then i woke up.....

      What is the meaning of that dream?
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