The other day I had this very scary and strange dream, I'd like to know what people think of it. So a few days before this dream I had sleep paralysis but managed to get out of it quite easily. In this dream the couple days later I, dreamed I was just in my room lying down facing the wall having sleep paralysis. It was really unually quiet (I'm in halls at uni) and I could hear my dad coming down the hall shouting my name saying hello I'm here. It sounded like my dad but for some reason I could tell it wasn't. He then came in my room and I couldnt see him as I was facing the wall and he started shaking me trying to wake me up and talking to me, but I could see his shadow on the wall was a mans head with horns coming out of it. I got really scared and this caused me to wake up. I have very vivid strange long dreams usually and when I wake up I forget them quite quickly but this dream I remember so well and was very short. How should I interpret this, is this bad? Another thing I should add is I had edibles twice the other week and both times I saw the same black figure of a boy with us sitting and standing up then disappearing. Should I be worried, is this a warning?