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    Thread: Could someone interpret this for me please?

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      Could someone interpret this for me please?

      So basically in my dream there was a magical elixir you could take which meant you could swap bodies with someone else. But it was weird and didnít really make sense because you took their body but at the same time their body was left lifeless and it had to be somewhere safe so it didnít get injured whilst you were away. So I swapped with this small child/baby body and left the body on a high chair. But I didnít like it. So then I wanted to swap back but realised there was no elixir left. Then I felt really bad as the body was left and I thought it might die without a mind if left for too long.

      So then I went to find someone to get the elixir but he said it had all run out. He said that originally someone swapped when reading the New York Times so I could try that. But then I thought that would be really unlikely/hard. Then I felt super bad for not checking there was enough elixir at the beginning

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      My guess- You are faced with life demanding more responsibility from you, probably the standard things involved with no longer being a small child. Perhaps you are dragging your feet, for instance not seeking a job, or spending too much time in distraction such as video games or intoxicants. You wish you could be a child for longer and not have to face issues such as supporting yourself, but you also know that things just get harder the longer you drag your feet or fail to do something required in adult life.
      Now the part with the paper- It could represent adult issues, such as seeking a job, or studying to do well at something. You thought trying to leave the child by focusing on the paper (finding work, or what ever) would be really unlikely/hard. You end with feeling bad for failing to have done responsible things recently.

      Let me know if that fits. Welcome to Dream Views by the way.
      Peace Be With You. Oh, and sure, The Force too, why not.

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      I think that is a very good interpretation by Sivason. I'd like to just add something that occurred to me as I was reading it - maybe the dream was about letting the child you used to be die (symbolically) so that you could be born anew as an adult. Basically the same thing Siv said, but with a bit of a different twist to it. I've come to realize recently that a lot of dreams involving dying are of that nature - the symbolic death and rebirth cycle, as represented by Jesus, the Phoenix, and many other gods (Dionysus for instance). Often the dying will happen in one dream and some time later will come a dream involving some kind of symbolic rebirth.

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