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    Thread: Room full of babies and moms.

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      Room full of babies and moms.

      I am a 23 year old girl, currently single. Normally I don't even remember my dreams but this one was so fucking weird that I need to talk about it.
      The room was carpeted, full of babies lined up all over the floor in a perfect square arrangement. The moms were lined up in either side of the room and they were seated in the lotus position. The babies were all happy, giggling and laughing.
      I was with a friend, girl not someone I know in real life. I don't recall what she looked like. I just knew she was a very very close friend. I layed down on my back at the end of the room in between the babies. Then, I picked up two babies and put them on either side of my chest. They were still happy. "The mother will be so mad at you." My friend said to me. I knew she would be and I was a tad scared and worried about that. The mother walked over. But she wasn't mad. She said to the babies, "Having fun with Auntie? ". I think that is when I woke up.
      I think babies are cute but they scare me. Every time I see one, I get all anxious thinking of all the ways they could get hurt. I remember this dream so vividly and it has been weeks.
      So if any of y'all have any insights into what this could mean, I would love to hear it. xoxo

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      It's important to remember dreams speak using symbols, and babies often represent something like a new project or a new idea that is at a very delicate point right now and needs to be carefully nurtured for some time in order to grow into any kind of self-sufficiency. But if they do receive good nurturing they can grow strong and take on a life of their own.

      One thought that occurs to me is the babies you picked up might represent your own life - your independent life separate from your parents. And there's a lingering thought that if you begin to take away the responsibility they feel for raising you they might be mad (because symbolically you're 'taking away their baby'). But it's time for you to begin to do that - to start raising yourself now - their time as your nurturers is ending and in order to complete full growth into an adult you need to take over yourself, hopefully with their blessing and help when needed, but no longer under their control.

      I'm not sure why there were 2 babies, you might be able to figure that part out. Were there any distinguishing characteristics of the 2? Anything that made one different from the other or anything they reminded you of? Maybe it's just that you'd be taking away the baby of each of your parents? I don't know your situation of course, I'm just conjecturing.
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      Thank you so much for this. It makes a lot of sense. Yes, I have been living apart from them for five years now but they support me somewhat financially.
      After graduating and starting work, I won't be depending on them financially anymore. So that important link that makes me depend on them will no longer be there.

      Makes so much sense. The two babies looked exactly alike. The one on my right might have been slightly smaller but other than that they were identical.
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