I'm not into comic books or anything, so it comes as a surprise that I had my second super hero dream today.

I was in a sort of office building, being disgruntled that Louis Lane was together with, or liked a guy, called Photon. Something happened which caused me to get into my Superman-mode and fly out of the building, to meet Photon in the air and give him a brotherly greeting (a sort of gang handshake). I flew back to the building and that's when I woke up. I don't remember what that something was, if it was some sort of trouble or emergency, but perhaps it's irrelevant to the meaning.

I had no idea that there is a superhero named Photon. In the dream he was very much like the Marvel character.

A few month ago I was a spectator in a dream where Wolverine (appearing like he did previously in the comics, with black and yellow suit, big "ears"), and Batman were battleing it out with each other. Wolverine got the upper hand and bound Batman up. Batman says "what are you accusing me of?" Wolverine replies, "Pedophilia", for which Batman gives him a smirk right before Wolverine slaughters him with his "claws".

I haven't really bothered with the Wolverine vs Batman dream, perhaps it was reflecting my view how the police (representative of Batman) in many cases cover up for, or in any case, do not make it a priority, to solve pedophilia cases. Wolverine, then, representing forces of lawlessness, actually solves the problem.