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      Strange Bird Attacked Me

      Hey there!

      I’m a girl in my early twenties, here’s a brief background about me which I hope would help with the dream interpretation. So I’m the kind of person who loves animals since young, as I’m brought up in a family that taught me to love and respect nature. Because of that, I don’t have any particular animal that I’m afraid of and have always felt a connection with them.

      Now, the only significant event that took place before I had this dream, was that earlier in the day, I had an argument with a close friend of mine. When things had cooled down for a bit, I tried talking to her but she’s been refusing to listen or talk to me at all, basically ignoring me. We have never quarrelled before, this is the first time, that’s why it really made me very upset and was the only thing I could think about before I fell asleep.

      The dream that I had last night seemed very real and made me wake up feeling very uneasy. Like throughout the day, even till now, there’s a strange unsettling feeling that I can’t quite shake off.

      So in the dream it was a bright and sunny afternoon, I was getting ready to go out with my mother and sister. When I opened the main door that led to our apartment, I noticed a black bird (not exactly sure what kind, but it was smaller than a crow or raven, and had a yellowish beak and feet. I did some research and found out about the Myna bird, which I believe is probably the bird in my dream) perched outside on the railings along the corridor.

      The dream me reacted exactly like I would’ve in real life. At first I thought the bird was cute and called out to it softly. But when it turned to stare at me, it’s gaze was very sharp and it looked very fierce. The bird puffed out it’s feathers and opened it’s beak but not a sound came out. Next thing I knew, the bird had spread it’s wings and flew in a strong and direct manner towards me, landing on my head! It’s claws were very sharp and I could feel it digging into my scalp. The bird was facing behind me, looking towards my mother and sister who were still standing at the door. My first worry was that it might take a poop down my face since that’s usually what happens when a bird lands on someone. But it didn’t happen throughout the course of my dream.

      I remember being shocked because for a medium-sized bird it was very aggressive. The strange thing was, though the bird could not make any sound or even talk, in the dream I sensed it telling me (could this be through telepathy?) that it would sink it’s claws into my head to get my brain out, because it thought that my brain was made of worms and wanted to eat it. I tried to persuade the bird, telling it that my brain was not meant for eating and that I would give it nice food if it would just let me go. The bird paid no attention to what I said, so I tried to remove the bird but it only sinked its claws deeper which made my head hurt even more.

      At that point I was crying and screaming to my mother and sister for help. They both ran over and tried to scare the bird, even trying to pull it out of my head, but that only made the bird furious and it started pecking violently at their hands! When nothing seems to be working, my sister suggested the only way was to shoot the bird, but my mother and I didn’t want to kill it, no matter how terrible it was (this probably sounds stupid, I know…)

      My mother said no guns or knives were allowed, and that she had an idea how to get rid of the bird. I must say, the only thing in this dream that scared me, other than the strange bird and the pain I felt in my head, was my mother’s suggestion. She led me back into our apartment and told me to knock my head hard against the wall! She explained that by doing so I might scare the bird away. I stood facing the wall, uncertain and thinking whether it would even work. Before I could do anything my mother pushed the back of my head and I felt my forehead hit painfully against the wall. At that exact moment, I sensed the bird was shocked and it gave a cry (though again not a sound could actually be heard), I also felt the claws of the bird releasing the grip on my head and knew that it had finally given up, flying away in a frenzy.

      But I was left with a new kind of pain. The middle of my forehead, slightly above the junction of my eyebrows, was where I hit against the wall. In the dream, I instinctively knew that was where our third eye was located. I reached up to feel my forehead where it was hurting and realised the middle was cracking open. Suddenly I heard a lot of voices screaming (maybe it was me or my mother and sister in the dream, it’s not clear), the only thing I know for sure was that I was extremely scared.

      That was where I remember flipping over to the left side of my bed and waking up with a start. My whole body was covered in cold sweat and I could hear my racing heartbeat. The weird thing is until now I can still feel a slight ache in the middle of my forehead, though in real life I didn’t hit my head at all.

      I hope I’ve provided enough information to get some answers… any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you
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      I'm going to just give a general impression - this is what immediately occurred to me as I was reading the dream.

      To respect nature means in part to respect that nature is dangerous, and to treat it accordingly. Nature, as the saying goes, is red in tooth and claw, despite assertions that it is a perfect paradise and all evil comes entirely from Man and society. I don't know if you learned this attitude from your real mother, or if the mother in your dream represented the attitude itself - in your own mind, that nature is harmless and friendly. Actually it does sound like the mother in your dream was just a representation of that attitude. Your 'mother' (think Motherland or Mother Tongue) - a governing principle that guides you and that if you want to differentiate yourself from you must rebel against it and it will resist strongly.

      It's pretty clear the bird represents the fact that your friend reacted so savagely to your words. A friend is a person you would expect to react more calmly and in a friendly fashion, just as you expected the bird to in the dream. But it didn't. In fact it reacted like a movie zombie - wanting to eat your brains. Maybe to some extent your friend's reaction seemed zombielike to you? A mindless appetite, a shuffling unthinking desire to destroy your brains (the thinking part of you). Possibly this is because you were 'trapped in your head' - thinking in a situation where feeling might have been more appropriate? Meaning maybe you tread on her feelings because you presented an intellectual argument and didn't consider how it might make her feel? Sometimes purely intellectual arguments presented without the appropriate feeling can cause rifts in friendships (especially if the subject is religion or politics or any of the associated subjects).

      The most shocking thing to you was your "mother's" suggestion, which she then proceeded to force on you - of attacking yourself in hopes that the bird would then leave you alone. Maybe the idea that nature is always friendly and nice is hurting you? And maybe your immediate reaction is to double down on it, so that it only hurts you worse? Many people - especially if they're driven by false compassion, tend to become very self-sacrificing, thinking that it makes them a better person, when in reality if it's because you're following a false doctrine (that nature is always nice and friendly).

      I think the dream is a warning that friends can attack if provoked, and sometimes your own thoughts (birds often represent thoughts in a dream) can be all the provocation they need to become savage zombielike attackers.

      Since this is posted under dream interpretation I leave it at that - if you want more about the third eye aspect you might want to also post it in Beyond Dreaming.
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