I am loving these set of dreams. in this ne I am in the room in a tower. the tower has ne window that can be escaped from. I am in there with several people. each a person that used to be a guy{this includes me}. we are all naked, aparently everybody thinks that they have been punished due to a sociable ruling, the thing is it was a rule that was broken and I had clue what that was. I was kind of enjoying it though. I was like.. this is a punishment? literaly told everybody to gow a pair and then went out the window. the tower was constructed of bricks and the ledges here to narrow to walk on. despite that I walked on them with some difficulty. after this I was brought to the people that made the judgement and was told I did the right thing. after this my escape played out again. this time I grabbed a belt and tied it to the window frame and swung out of the window to a lower floor. the two windows were different. one had an opening and he other was just one solid sheet I had to smash through.. again I was bought to the man who made the judgement and this tie rewarded by being able to stay girl. the whole dream I was naked and fit but I didn't seem to worry about that. all I wanted was out of the tower.