For the past few months I have a similar dream almost every week or every other week including myself & a close friend of mine.

The dream is always a sex dream. There's not much details concerning the dream other than I invite my friend over & we have sex or I'm showing up where ever he is & we have sex.

Just some background on myself & my friend. We're both in our late 20s we've been close friends for over a decade.

We used to crush & flirt with each other a lot but we never dated, I never plan to. We sort of lost close touch with one another when I went away to school out of state. I was also in a long term relationship & my friend was around for most of it.

I've now been single for 2 years & been back in town and my friend and I re-connected immediately. We're both super busy so we don't hang out a lot but he did sleepover a few months back. We did a lot of cuddling that night but nothing more than that. The next morning he did try to kiss me but I rejected & let him know that I couldn't ruin our friendship. He shared with me that he always wanted a chance with me but I just nicely declined.

I am physically attracted to my friend but he's not the type of guy I would date as of now.

Going back to my dreams; I had one today that really made me want to look into why & how I can stop these inappropriate dreams. The one I had today was a dream wishing a dream. During the dream of the dream, he came over we started kissing, then oral. I was watching myself dream & was very aroused, body shaking, etc. In the dream within a dream I was trying to wake up but couldn't. Then I woke up in real life.

I'm not a overly sexual person, I had needs & desires but I'm pretty good at not acting upon them. I've only had a few sexual partners in my lifetime.

I'm assuming these dreams are a sign that I may need to release some sexual tension but I'm truly trying to maintain withstanding from sexual activity (6 months now).

I also don't want to keep having these dreams bc I don't want to act upon the feelings I have after the dream is over.

Hopefully someone has a better idea or even solution to this dilemma!