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      Dream of Bloody Face and Broken Teeth

      There are many parts of this dream seemingly unrelated, so I will explain the portion that mattered the most to me.

      I was in this building that I could only describe from memory as a giant, spacious mall or in-door amusement park. I was on the top floor and was hooked onto a carnival ride type machine, really high up in the air. There were only two seats on opposite ends of eachother. Think of it like one of these carnival rides you'd typically see. The ride started slowly, but then got faster quickly.

      As the spinning machine went faster and faster, my vision became whiter and my hearing slowly fading away. Eventually, I could only see the color white and I could hear nothing. Every sensation I had of my surroundings was gone. Suddenly, I realized something. I was falling, and I was falling far down. It was a dream, so obviously I did not actually feel anything, but this time was strange in that it feels like I was supposed to have imagined the fall being painless. I was indifferent to the fall and accepted it. I heard the sound of my body hitting the floor, although I felt nothing and reacted to nothing. This whole time, all I could see was white and I heard nothing but my own voice, which said something I forgot. I didn't just fall to the bottom of the ride, I fell all the way down to the first floor.

      The last thing I remember was seeing someone hold me up. I had apparently fallen from the top floor to the bottom floor. I don't know if I had any broken limbs, although I do know that my lower face was battered pretty bad. It was covered in blood and several of my lower teeth were either missing, pushed backward or crushed. Strangely enough, I think I was giving a faint smile.

      In another part of these series of dreams, I believed I may have killed one or two people. When I tried to go find someone for help, I found out that this one women who I both know and consider attractive was a police officer and was looking for a murderer. I evaded that situation and somehow made a deal with god, or a god, to reverse everything that I had done wrong before, all of the murders and such. It agreed and I was incredibly relieved.
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      This is a positive dream.

      The dream building probably represents the dreamer in some way – perhaps his psyche. The spinning carnival ride is probably chakra related. If it is, the two riders would represent the two petals of the 6th chakra (also called the brow chakra or the third eye).

      The faster movement of the “spinning machine” means that the 6th chakra is spinning faster. This is a positive sign as is shown by his seeing white and the lessening of his hearing.

      His falling is another very good sign. This is a journey into the depths of the unconscious, which is very good.

      The injuries sustained from the fall are symbolic of the injuries that the pre-industrial warrior or hunter obtains during a rite of passage. For the dreamer, these injuries are the price that is paid to obtain spiritual power.

      The part of the dream about his killing one or two people probably refers to the death of archetypes from the collective unconscious.

      Hope this helps.

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