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      Going to the same "town" for years.

      In August 2015, I started this medication for my anxiety- citalopram. Since then, I have been to the same place every single night in my dreams. It's like I have an "inner world" now. I have a life there, a house there. I have friends that I hang out with. I go on adventures a lot. There is a beach there that I love visiting. There are mountains and campgrounds. The best way I can describe it is every place I've lived with moderations and added unknown territories. I love it. I almost get too excited to sleep some nights because I love being there so much. But there are two things that make me interested. Keep in mind I got pregnant and stopped taking the medication for the 9 months and did not visit my town. So ....
      1. I have been going here every night for over 2 years now and I have never gone lucid (I had been occasionally lucid up until this point). Why is this?
      2. There is always something going on. ie. I am running from someone, hiding from someone, someone is killing the entire world. Anything. It doesn't scare me, more makes me just think on my toes. Theres a neighbor I have that I'm always watching out for, and I don't know who he is or why I'm looking for him. But I always wake up remembering looking out of my door (it's like i have a gigantic apartment) to his door to see if he is home and looking for me. I frequently check my doors and windows to make sure they are locked (in dream world) and I am always looking for him.

      Has anyone experienced anything like this or have any type of opinions? I have been so curious since it has started. Don't get me wrong, I love my town so much and I hope I dream of it forever, but why did I create it in my brain? And why the hell is it so action/thriller filled?

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      It sounds like the town represents life without anxiety, and liking your inner world.
      1. But to become lucid takes awarness, or awakening.
      2. Though you are always aware of the negative going on, keeping ahead of it.
      The neigbor might represent your view of others, therefore, looking for them, and also your security with them. But perhaps this can make you feel locked up, instead of free.

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