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    Thread: Dream help...The lion?

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      Dream help...The lion?

      Okay GUYS. I'am new here on these forums and I should of done this along time ago, like 3 years ago when I had the dream to perhaps get some insight on this dream. But here I am. Decided to post to see what would get out of this, and what kind of points I would get here.

      Okay, So 1 night 3 years ago in mesa, Arizona. I slept at a friends girlfriends house, they the couple were both there, she is kinda like a gypsie, either or a gypsie wannabe. ANyway this one night I slept there I had a dream. Now this was a short dream. I was suspended upside down from something hanging upside down, and all I can see was the bottom floor and surrounding areas. It was red all around me, and at the bottom was this very beautiful lion with its mane being green and blue hairs all around it. Very majestic looking and it was trying to catch me or grab me or get my attention or something because it was looking up at me and jumping at me but it couldn't get to me. I didn't do anything I felt like doing, all I did was watch. Then I woke up.

      Fast forward to now. I just the dream again acouple weeks ago. and this time, I had made something a connection to the waking world. A girl perhaps the lion in the dream. I had met a girl 1 year ago but didn't make anything out of her from the dream. She wore green and blue threads on her hair, and had bluish green eyes and also very athletic built to her. She also works at a trapezium for circus arts. But I don't know weather this is just a straight up coinicidence or it really is from the dream. Anyone could give me some pointers here?
      What does the dream mean? the lion, the colors, and red and me hanging upside down?
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      My first take on this was that you were attracted to your friends girlfriend, but could not take any action. Perhaps feeling that she showed interest or kindness towards you, but circumstances made obtaining her absolutely unrealistic. The most recent dream could certainly be about the athletic girl. I do not assume the colors can be interpreted specifically, but you do specify "a very beautiful lion." This is the biggest clue that it could be about attraction. Perhaps the same situation exists with this new girl, as in you are longing for a reality that could include her, but inside see that as unrealistic, leaving you unable to act.
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      I donít think the lion has anything to do with the girl. Lions have a strong spiritual meaning. This spiritual representation is trying to get your attention. Red might mean forgiveness that the lion is trying to give you bit you havenít received yet. Green means growth. The lion wants to help you grow spiritually.

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      Looks like you were seeing upside-down, suspended which can mean not happening yet, or left hanging.
      Red could mean danger, anger, or passion.
      The reality was they were a couple, you were single. So that may be the influence for the dream.

      But the beautiful lion can mean danger, or power or command, in the social area.
      Its mane coming from the head is like your thought, and green could be of the heart, and blue of connection. And it was majestic.
      So what was trying to grab you attention? Was it the way the couple were that grabbed you, where you were the observer?

      Maybe depending if the girl you met became more, it looks a case of life imitating heart. Or life imitating dream if you prefer. She could be your dream come true.
      It is funny her circus life almost fits the gyspy in your friend's girl that apparently stood out to you.

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