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      Washing away my face

      Little about myself...im 30 married with 2 kids. My husband has cancer and is going through treatment. I work full time and when im not at work im taking care of my kids and husband.

      Now for the actual dream.... I'm standing in my bathroom in front of my mirror getting ready for bed. I started to wash my face and when I looked up my nose, eyebrows and cheekbones are gone. I get really scared trying to bring them back and wipe my face with a towel again and my top lip disappears. I close my eyes and hold my breath and then open my eyes and watch as everything comes back. Out of curiosity I wash my nose to see if it disappears and it does but I hold my breath again and it comes back. I do this several times finding it funnier each time I do it but then i get bored with it so I go to bed.

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      It sounds like it represents loss of identity. In fact, your brief description of yourself above doesn't really mention anything about you, but all the people you do things for and the work you do. But it also seems that maybe you're not too concerned about losing yourself to all these other people and situations - either you've learned how to get your sense of identity back, or found some humor in it (which is important and can save a person from falling into despair).

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      I think this dream means your trying to “save face”. Your finding yourself in some embarrassing situations that make you want to save your dignity.

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