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      Question Seeing myself wiith white hair in a mirror

      Before I begin, I want to share the following information about where I am in life right now. I have just gone through a very mentally intense moment of my life. To some people what I've been saying sounds ridiculous and silly, but regardless, I feel that it's an important thing to add. I just turned 20 and got a job at a call center as email support for a social networking site. For the past week, I've been pouring myself into absorbing as much relevant job info as I can and applying it efficiently. Approximately five days ago, I went into a health food store and picked up a bottle of Huperzine A {https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huperzine_A}. Huperzine A is "marketed as a dietary supplement with claims made for its ability to improve memory and mental function." After a couple days of taking this supplement day and night, with very positive results, I started to have experiences I would call at the time "epiphanies". I was unlocking areas of my brain that I had never explored , and suddenly I began comprehending complex human abilities and how they worked/how I could apply them to myself. Among the notes I typed down during the most intense of these periods were realizations such as how to regulate my inner peace, how to understand actions and utilize ultimate control of my life/influence in an uplifting way, and even basic fundamentals of behavior. Simple things like dedication, discipline, consideration, and patience were all coming together in my mind as a huge web, a web of understanding.
      I've been in a really positive place all year and having come to so many conclusions over questions I continuously asked myself during years of depression and suicidal tendencies has changed my life. All in about 4 days.

      Then last night I had this dream.

      It had been years since I had last dreamt so vividly (in fact I would say months since the last dream I even woke up remembering), and never had I noticed any detail as I did in this one. I was standing in front of a mirror. Looking at myself. But the face in the mirror wasn't detailed, in fact thinking back I didn't even take notice of my face or any other details. I just knew it was me, and I knew I was looking at myself. I saw myself there with the most striking white hair with a tiny hint of blue. I just sat there and looked at myself for a while, taking notice of the most detailed, intense head of white hair I had ever seen. It almost seemed to be moving as though it was flowing out of my head, and the blue tint seemed to make it feel cold like snow. After a moment my point of view seemed to gradually pan up and focus more on the hair, as if I was starting to look from above. And then it was over.

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      White hair is associated with wisdom and purity. In LoTR Gandalf originally had grey hair, because he wasn't fully wise and pure yet, but after falling into the gorge locked in mortal combat with the Balrog he emerged with his hair and beard pure white, to symbolize his new spiritual purity and wisdom. These qualities are won by increasing your level of consciousness - in other words by thinking deeply and honestly and by wrestling with life in some way. In addition to the Huperzine, which may have had mostly a placebo effect, I suspect it's partly because you've been writing a lot about your thoughts and epiphanies.

      In order to develop their thoughts, people either talk about them or write about them. Otherwise they'll just fade away. It doesn't matter how many epiphanies a person has if they don't somehow develop and cement them through language (which is the only way we can really think beyond a basic animal level). Many of the smartest people throughout history have always kept journals where they record and work deeper into their ideas and revelations, and this is how they become wise.

      It could also be partly because of the job. People require a sense of meaning and purpose in life, otherwise they feel like it's empty and meaningless and they can become depressed. Having something that structures your life and gives it purpose changes everything - especially if it's something meaningful.
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