In the dream last night I was a part of a gang , like the runaways (tv show). I think there were eight of us and they were getting kidnaped. There were only 2 or 3 of us left. I think that my super power was seeing into the future or something like that. I think that Kacey ( my friend) got kidnaped (leaving only 2 people). It might have been that there was a woman in charge and then had a man doing her work. I stalked this man who went into a shop. I wasnít sure if he saw me but then decided to pretend I didnít know he was kidnaping my friends and talk to him. I asked if he had seen Kacey and he said he hadnít seen him (Kacey is a girl). I started to follow this man somewhere . I knew it was a trap but though if I followed him a bit then I would know where the others were being kept. The man was Mr. Sir from ďholesĒ and the woman he was working for may have been Sigourney weavers character from that film. I think we got near to the destination but then I decided that I would go back and get help from a friend before trying to rescue them. I left Mr. Sir and went through a dark swampish place for a while until I think I got to a cottage. I donít think I went in but this signalled a friendlier place. I walked down the path and there were blue flowers . I took one as I knew it would be a good marker for when I came back. I then passed a school and there were children in it . I still didnít want to be seen so I ducked and I had bad feelings about the school and the people in it, I still wanít out of this strange place I followed mr sir into. I think a child saw me but I hid quickly and I donít think the school master was alerted. I then went out of this field area and saw a boy playing the guitar. I think I asked if he was a normal boy (as where I had been was strange) I said he looked like a normal boy and knew that I was close to a familiar place.