I keep having this dream; I'm in a classroom I don't recognize and it starts out that im extremely zoned out, almost in a hypnosis state completely unaware of my surroundings. Then suddenly I become aware of my surroundings and look around and don't know how I got there. I'm in the front of the class and I feel a snag on my top of my wrist so I look down and see something poking out from a pore on the top of my wrist so I squeeze it and a sesame seed poops out, its wet from being in my pore. I am unsettled from it and then another seed is suddenly poking out of another pore on my top wrist so i squeeze it out too and then i notice there's a whole patch on the top of my wrist where the pores are all larger than usual and i know there's sesame seeds in all of them so i keep squeezing them out. And then I notice as if my skin is subtly translucent enough for me to notice that there are sunflower seeds on the tops of each of my knuckles under my skin. So i rub the sunflower seed from the outside of my skin on my index finger knuckle so the sunflower seed slides under my skin towards the big pores on the top of my wrist and i pop it out and its wet and is two times the size of a normal sunflower seed. Then i went after the sunflower seed on my middle finger knuckle and popped it out, but when i tried to get the thumb and other fingers sunflower seeds out i couldn't budge them from their place so i felt this extreme ocd feeling about it but tried to accept it and distract myself with the content and surroundings of the dream.