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    Thread: Help with a Kitten dream

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      Help with a Kitten dream

      Hi, I had the worst dream I have ever experienced last night.
      It involved 3 black & white kittens and 2 ginger kittens.
      They had fleas on them so I decided to bathe them in a bath tub. I put in a small amount of water and started cleaning the 3 black and white kittens. They werenít trying to get out, in fact they were enjoying it. All of a sudden one of the kittens started to drown and the water filled the bath really quickly.
      I got the one closet to me out and started to try and resuscitate it. I then placed it down on a towel as it was still alive and reached in the bath and pulled the plug, I then reached in to grab the other two and pulled one out but all itís insides were hanging out of its abdomen. I put it on the towel next to the other and grabbed the last one out the bath. This was exactly the same as the second.
      I turned around with it in my hands and the first one that was still alive exploded. The inside of all 3 were hanging out and yet I only had a small amount of blood on my hand.
      By this time I woke up and like I said before I have never experienced such a horrific dream in my life, which is what has made me want to Find out what this means.
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      Wow that sounds really horrific. Especially because cute little kittens are very cute. And for that gruesome of a thing to happen to such lovable kittens would be very shocking and disturbing.

      I don't know about your personal life so I don't know what it could relate to, if anything. Do you have kittens?

      But I know what you mean about waking up from a shocking dream. I witnessed a few things in dreams that really shook me. I won't say them here because I don't want to freak you out more (unless you want to know!).

      But yeah I woke up feeling really horrified and traumatized from some dreams. I don't feel so sick about them months later though.

      Anyway I hope that helps a little. Even though I can't explain it.

      One thing that comes to mind is those awful youtube videos where people post "americas funniest" style videos of animals getting hurt. I can't believe people actually think thats funny. Animal abuse is not funny...

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      This dream is about opinions or beliefs you have that are very “black or white” or “all or nothing thinking“. The cats begin to come apart and some explode. That represents those “black and white” beliefs or opinions coming apart. You try to save them but they need to be let go. You’re scared in the dream but I think it might be a good thing because your mind is being changed or renewed.
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      Do the ginger kitties mean fiery, or warm, emotions?
      That could explain why bathing the black and white, or perhaps negative/positive attributes, or seeing too black and white, that you want to balance.
      The fleas are the multiplying small negative thoughts you can't seem to get rid of sucking your emotional blood, which the clear positive emotion cleanses.

      Trying to resuscitate the one closest to you could be a message. As your insides were not where they should be.
      Maybe focusing too much on the outer or others, just as you pulled the plug on two which were gutted, and that you reached out for.

      Explosive emotions may result, with little bloody energy left for you.

      The horror you had upon waking can be this realisation of what you have been doing, that turns you inside out.
      One possible angle is that if you avoid emotions too much it will explode in your face after it drains you.

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