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      Dark scary basement

      So i dreamnt that there was a dirty bath, i was cleaning it, there was fish in it and 2 little puppies sleeping, i saved them. Anyway the other part i remember is being with a male in a big unknown house and my dog ran down into the basement and i was scared for him so the guy i was with reaasured me and went n got him out.. what does this mean?

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      Cool Dark Deep Fear

      Looks like wanting to cleanse emotions, and perhaps so your shiny warm ideas can thrive healthily.
      Saving a relationship, or saving the idea of it (as it's not awake at the moment)? Maybe that's your idea.

      Male or control/reality is unknown in this regard, perhaps as deep down you fear the social, interaction, or friend side in this context.
      So that could explain why you want reassurance to get out of this. The man can partly mean this side of you which can, as yet unknown.
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      Thankyou that makes sense.

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