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      Presents from Twitter!

      It's my BDay, and I'm celebrating in my hold home, where I was still living with my family.
      I receive lot of presents from Twitter, by all the people who know my nickname.
      I cry for happiness, but I'm realizing that all these presents are kept inside the bathroom.
      Me and my family are all seated at the table, but the lights are off.
      The person who once was my father, keep on walking around between the kitchen and the dining room, for then stop at his table seat and watching the tv, where Linkin Park were performing live "What I've Done" (Chester was currently dead, but his voice was still playing.)
      In that moment my sister open a present of mine, where we find a bronze bracelet, and she says: "Look! It's small as my arm!"; I try to shape it around her arm, for let it be the same dimensions of hers, and in the meantime I start singing while trying to imitate Chester's voice, but my sister looks at me in a bad way.
      Giant air balloons are seen in the air, (even tho I'm still inside my home, mostly like I was seeing through my current reality), they're cut through, for then multiply a couple of times and change colors every time it happens.
      My aunt enter the home and greet me on the cheek, but her saliva ends up on my lips, and I, whole being disgusted, keep on replying to what she asks me, whit little but not articulate sounds, because I didn't want to open my mouth.
      I try to find the right time for go to the bathroom without being rude, my mother notice this.
      Once in the bathroom I put some liquid soap on my mouth and then I woke up with a song in my head which is completely new to me.
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