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      Ville Valo becomes a woman??

      Staying in my room and suddenly it becomes covered in mold, starting from my blanket which I was using.
      Because of that my nails become covered too, and suddenly all the floor become it as well, so I breath and swallow dirty parts of mold (that seems more like dirty black flecks of birds poop) and even feel the texture in my throat while sleeping.
      There are no lights inside my house, even if it's late afternoon.
      I think to go and buy all the necessary things to eliminate mold, but instead I found Ville Valo on a talk show, and I see that he became a woman.
      After some moments they pass on air one of his old songs, where I can still see him as a man, I try to look to another part trying to avoid it, but I unconsciously find myself sing that song without wanting to, when I realize it I make a scream out of shock, 'cause I wasn't supposed to do it.
      I don't see her but I feel the presence of my mother in the bathroom.
      Come back to look at the tv, I find myself caressing with a soft and sad heart, the image of Ville while he still was a man, in the meantime I hear silly girls screams, and I'm annoyed because I don't want that stupid girls appreciate him just for his "old" beauty.
      I try to record a video of his old performance but I see the reflection of myself with the phone in my hands, since he was over a dark background, and while trying to avoiding it the old video disappear.
      The live studio came back with the host saying that the song just played was a bit "Antichrist" and he still as a woman, reply by saying that yeah, it might sounds like, but he realized that actually it was completely talk about love.
      He has white crocks, and winks at the girls in the audience, after that he raises his eyes looking up, visibly annoyed.
      Then I woke up, so that's it.

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      The first part of the dream shows that something is negatively effecting your place of rest (bed). Unwanted growth (mold) is spreading which keeps you from having peace or rest.

      The next part explains whats causing the mold ( unwanted growth) to spread in your life.
      Ville Valo is somehow effecting you negatively, causing the mold to grow. You do things you don’t want. (singing unconsciously). The tv host also recognizes that his music is a bit “anti-Christ”.

      There’s spiritual cleansing for you. You sensing your mother in the bathroom represents God’s spirit guiding you to be cleansed from these negative things from Ville Valo. Bathrooms represent a place of cleansing.

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