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    Thread: Car accident dad died

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      Car accident dad died

      This was a horrible dream to say the least. My dad was driving and i was the passenger in the front with him in his ute, my sister who lives in another state from me was in my car with her family and my son. We were all in a great hurry to get to the station to get on a train in time so were going fast and i was scared, i watched my sister crash and then dad and i drove off a cliff, i survived and he died i was so upset and crying, my sister and her family and my son survived also. Then there was a place i went to after that that had zombies after me.

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      I think the dream means your dad is pursuing someone bigger in this life. The train (represents a bigger goal) because trains are much bigger than cars. You and your sister are somehow involved in this pursuit for this bigger thing. Something negative happens while pursuing this goal. Your dad dying isnt literal. It means he will be affected the most from this negative experience. You and your sister survive but your dad is effected the most. This might be a warning dream of something to come. Warning your dad not to go after this “bigger thing” because he won’t recover from it.

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      Dying shouldn't be taken literally. Sometimes death, in a dream is not a negative experience but, a positive thing.
      What issues do you have with your father in real life? We don't know your family dynamics or how you felt before you went to bed.
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      Dreams are by nature very symbolic and tailored to you specifically. That's one of the reasons I don't try to interpret other's dreams because what something means the one person doesn't necessary mean the same thing to another. In your case, in a general sense, I'm with Ic161.

      On a side note, have you ever experienced precognitive dreams? I have quite a bit and I been having one of my significant other passing away nearly 3 years before it actually happened. Initially I didn't take it seriously, then when I did start to worry about this recurring dream my SO assured me it was just a nightmare and it wasn't going to happen. However, she did pass away exactly as I seen in the dream. Doctors were unable figure out what it was. Suddenly and without any warning her organs started to shut down one day. Since her passing I take dreams of people passing away seriously. In one dream my dad passes away due to heart attack. I didn't want to bring it up at first, but when he started complaining about chest pains mid-February this year I insisted he go get it checked up. He said he'll just sleep it off. However, I didn't take no for an answer and firmly insisted. He gave in and went to get it checked up. Turns out he had two heart attacks in the course of two weeks. We were told he only has like few hours to live unless he goes into surgery immediately. It was an expensive ordeal, but it saved him. So if it hadn't been for me taking my precognitive dream seriously my dad would have died. I'm not sure it's same for you, but it's probably something to consider if you are likely to have precognitive dreams like me.

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      Thankyou very much antonius314 and lucidbunnie i have definitely taken that into consideration and told him about my dream already. And Ic161 i think from memory i was feeling emotional before bed because iv got alot going on atm, my dad has always been my rock and we are close now although he was absent alot when i was a child due to work. I fear losing him as i dont have any other male in my life to confide in like i do with dad.

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