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      I killed the man i loved!

      Hi everyone!
      I just had this really strange dream, hope you can help me understand it!

      A woman with pale skin and medium/curly red hair, dressed with a long and ancient white dress was running towards me, ready to jump against me for hurt me, so when I realized how she could be defeated I run towards her as well, and took her left arm, where I drawn with a black marker a stylized figure (that in this case was representing her), with a witch hat on the top of the head.
      In that way I was finally able to get ride of her as she died thanks to that method.
      All this happened inside an house, a room precisely, that it looked like a living room.
      Once she has been declared dead, I was able to see her body layed over a couch, and after that I suddenly discovered that in reality she was a man, called Kwon Ji Yong (he's the leader of a group called BIGBANG) and while I was realizing this, a person was near me (I wasn't able to clearly see him/her), and I was desperately moaning with regrets towards this one by saying "BUT I LOVED HIM!" then, while in the half-sleep I realized I was really grieving his death, by making crying expressions, also I was truly feeling a guilt sensation, and even if hours are passed since this dream, I still cannot leave these emotions behind.
      Also, the curious thing is that I don't really love him in the real meaning of the word.
      Beyond the music, I truly care about this person, but I can't really imagine him being my lover and viceversa.
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