[I know I've yet to respond to the responses to the thread I began earlier… :/ ]

I'm on a large landing of a building that is built at least in part out of red
brick and that seems at least a little dilapidated; there are doors - or a door
and a corridor - at two opposite ends of the landing and a short wall and a long
drop - that causes me anxiety when I'm near to it - on the left of the landing
if I'm facing the door to the stairwell.

(Whilst my family and I lived in a flat when I was younger, I don't think that
the building is a memory of that flat, as I was very young and as we moved into
a house before I was two years old.)

I'm semi-lucid, and will myself to be undetectable.

There's another me in addition to the semi-lucid me, a baby, less than two years
old - and maybe less than one year old - wrapped in a blanket and left against
the wall furthest from the door to the stairwell.

My parents are standing by the door to the stairwell, arguing about my mother
being late for work, my mother shouting that she should have left for- or been
at- work at three o'clock. (And my mother calls my father by his original
name, that he changed years later, when I was - approximately - five years old
at the youngest.) After that my parents talk more quietly, and with more
affection - or at least less argumentatively; I'm standing by baby me on the
opposite end of the landing from them and so am not able to hear everything that
my parents are talking about because of how distant I am and how quietly they're
talking - but partly it's about my mother's homework and partly it's about the
conception of baby me.

My mother leaves for work and the dream continues without anything notable
happening (besides the appearance of Sadia, a girl I worked with in the past),
and eventually I pull myself out of it and awake.