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      Post Very confused by what my dream means

      About Me

      About Me

      I'm a 23-year-old guy. I've always been a very cautious person, I'm filled with anxiety, low self-esteem, shyness,
      and have been that way my whole life. I've recently started taking a new class from the online college I
      attend. This class has been stressing me out a lot, and actually before I dreamed about what I wrote
      I was dreaming about terms in the course I'm taking at the moment, which seems to have no relevance from
      what I noticed. I've stopped smoking weed 2 months ago, which has incredibly increased my dreaming, when
      I smoked weed I would never remember my dreams. I've also stopped taking my anti-anxiety and anti-depression
      meds around the same time I stopped smoking. My uncle who shows up in my dream is the "rich uncle" who I've
      always liked because he's a quiet and funny guy, and I can see a lot of myself in him. The Friend who shows
      up in my dream is a person I haven't kept in touch with since 5th grade and even then we never really had
      much of a relationship. My teacher, I remember, not by name, but I see her face in my dream. The other faces in the dream
      I don't really remember or can't see. Everything inside the school looks like white, fake, soft brick with white tile floors.
      Outside is dark, trees covering the parking lot, with white jar lights connected to the side of the school.

      Dream Starts

      I went to school at woodlands elementary(or what I thought) and went to first
      period. left first period went to Second Period PE, Left second period PE
      and went back to my first period class. Walked out and down the stairs to
      the lunch where I saw Cole and another friend sit down in some lounge chairs
      in a place that looked like front office, but it was huge and looked like a
      spacious hotel lobby with big glass windows. I walk outside to go to my car
      with the reason to CHECK IF I WAS AWAKE where I click my key button to see
      the car lights flash when they unlock. I walk up to my car to see my uncle get
      out of the car to hand me the keys to the car.. I take the keys and thank him.

      I noticed by the car was a spinning quickly spinning ground station. I then
      proceed to walk back into the bulding through a back door and head back up to
      the first period classroom where my locker is near. I open the locker it is VERY
      small and I don't see anything in it when all the sudden the back left side
      starts to peel back which I go around the side of the locker to look and see
      its peeled. I go look back inside the locker when a person comes up and says
      looks whats written inside the peeled part. Amakadeo/Amakado/Amakeado was engraved
      in the metal of the peeled back part. Now I wake up from the dream and record
      everything that happened by opening my phone and accidentally clicking on a
      recording website. When I open up the site a person talks to me and I say I got
      a story to tell. Where I explain everything that happened stated above which
      turns out to be 13-34 minutes long for some reason.

      Now I ACTUALLY wake up and write in my phone the word that was engraved inside
      my locker because to be honest it was scaring the shit out of me with how vivid this dream was.
      I then fall back asleep after writing this in my phone.

      I enter the dream once again but only the part
      of the dream where I awoke and recorded myself. When I enter the dream I'm laying
      in bed and my wife gets up for work. She turns closes the door in the bathroom
      and turns the light on (so not to bother me). She then finishes in the bathroom
      and leaves, leaving the bedroom to go to the kitchen. She then comes back in and
      lays on the bed where she says you have to listen to this. She starts playing the
      recording I madeabout the dream I had. She plays the first part of the recording where
      I noticed the first part of the recording sounds like im talking while I'm asleep because
      it sounds mumbled, then it clears up and sounds normal. I then interupt her and
      say I know about this recording, I remember recording it. She looks at me then leaves the
      room to head to work. I get up right when she leaves the room and try to turn on my computer
      monitor and it doesn't work. I then hear on the radio about my recording and someone saying
      a bunch of people has heard it and it has 1400 likes on facebook ( I don't even use facebook).
      I then get up and try to turn on the light, it turns on.

      Dream Ends Here

      After the light turns on I ACTUALLY wake up again and decide to record my whole dream onto this text pad.
      What does this dream mean, what does the engraved word mean? (Amakadeo/Amakado/Amakeado) It really
      giving me chills and making me look behind my back because it feels like im being watched and was
      very terrifying even though it wasn't a bad dream... It just felt so real.

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      Amakeado the only thing I see is degree. So maybe it was just representing that you were in school getting your degree.

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