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      What does this man has to do with me?

      Last night, before going to sleep I told myself: "I don't know why but I feel like I'm gonna end up with him or with that other man" and then I dreamed, exactly in the night, to marry one of the men I mentioned in particular?
      I'd like to clarify that me and this man have exactly three (not one, not two, but three) moles, in literally the same identical places over our bodies.
      I used to have a crush on him years ago; Now things are changed, and even though we have nothing to do with each other, we don't meet, or talk, or whatever, (we found ourselves in different nations as well) and also even if I don't have an interest over him anymore, I feel like we're connected somehow.
      Like something it's meant to happen in the future, beside being disinterested in having a relationship with him.
      Plus, in my dreams I always have my original hair color (dark brown), while I hate it instead and in real life I always dye them.

      PS!!! TONIGHT I DREAMED AGAIN ABOUT HIM!!! I was watching him while he was playing with a little boy, and if feels as if I was thinking that, even if he wasn't his kid, he was supposed to be a good dad!
      Also, in these dreams I kept on dreaming about towers, one different from the other.
      The 1st one appeared while in the dream I realized I was married to that man, the 2nd represented a totally different scenario and city (nothing to do with that person) and while I was going up, someone told me: "You need to restrain yourself from going up in that tower for a while, because you'll die otherwise".
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