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      Question Male Giving Birth

      Hello all. I wanted to share a dream of mine, the scenario in which has seemingly been experienced by at least a few other male dreamers.

      Relevant information: I am a 22 year old male and M in this dream is my girlfriend of one year.

      Following is the dream verbatim from my written dream journal:

      M and I are having a child. We are somewhere, and this baby is being born not from her but from me. I feel something inside and know it is ready to come out. I let Melissa, who is standing by me, know this. I then give a small push and watch the child appear. It is small and wet, very clearly newborn. The next time I see him, he seems to be at least three years old. He looks very similar to a three year old me. I think that he looks like a combination of the two of us, though without very much M. I see most of her addition in the color of his hair.

      Also notable: There was no pain during the childbirth; rather, it seemed to happen very passively. My dreams generally do not contain much emotion, this one no exception. If anything, there was a slight sense of happiness and proudness.

      Any comments, analysis, anecdotes, etc are welcome

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      Usually, when you have a dream about childbirth or being pregnant, male or female, they say that it represents giving birth to an idea, Whatever that may be. For me, I've never felt any pain that much in these dreams. Perhaps you are planning a project that could be your baby. It could even be as simple as watching something on TV, that will make you have these kinds of dreams.

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      Itís your conscience. And what your dreams are. You are willing to go thru the pain instead of M!

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      Have you been with her three years?
      And perhaps you've seen how you have grown, through this relationship, in your thinking.

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      It can mean the birthing of an idea, a project, or something that you're thinking about 'birthing' that would begin as very vulnerable and needing to be nurtured and protected, which you hope will grow and take on a life of its own. This could be a realationship, a marriage, or buying a house. Things of that nature.

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