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      White stallion and assasin

      Hi,my name's Clare,I'm 43.i had a dream last night,one of several as I have many different ones in one night.i don't remember what room I was in in my dream,all I remember was seeing a female assassin pinned to the wall in a crucifix style,she was dead but had her eyes open.next to her,on her right was a white stallion,also in the crucifix style,he had a dagger,which was silver pierced through his right eye,also dead.i just stared at them,but I felt nothing,no horror or sadness.it ended there to switch to another different dream.id love it if someone could give me some ideas as to what they think my dream means.thanks.take care.

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      Perhaps you wanted to kill the male, crucified which could mean a bad time, or ending the old wrong way for the better purer bigger self. Eyes wide open to it.
      The masculine freedom or independence and power and purity, perhaps, that sees right was blinded - yet with purity - as well as killed, apparently by your other side.

      Perhaps you have been pinned up against a wall.
      It may be a relationship thing or area. Such as the idea of an ideal guy didn't turned out as hoped.
      But it still looks like you killing or ending your right side, maybe because the right thing was not seen.
      Maybe that you felt nothing, then moved on, is telling.

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