Two nights ago I (F21) dreamed of reconciling with my ex best friend (M22). Some background (it's a lot but provides an insight on our dynamic)...We were hired at the same time at a high end clothing store. Throughout the two years, we were on the same path as womenís and menís lead stylists and we were also the only two that lasted from the group that was originally hired with us. At first, it was super hard to get him to open up. He was cautious about being friends with coworkers, which I understood and respected. But we finally graduated to taco nights at his place and breakfast every Sunday before work. Iím a Taurus and he was a Virgo which are super compatible and we got along wonderfully. Also, I gravitate towards Virgoís; my mom is one, first guy I loved and multiple exes, as well as many friends are virgos. Now I will say that sometimes things felt very one sided. I was always the one asking to hang out, buying gifts, pretty much begging to be his friend it seemed but I was honestly okay with that. After two years, I got hired at new store and expressed my concerns that, because we werenít working together, things would change and we wouldnít see each other anymore. But he made sure to confirm that we would still be friends and keep up with our little traditions. Well, two weeks after I started the new job, he ghosted me. When I visited my old store, he even ignored me despite knowing very well that I was there. Like zero eye contact and such. But I honestly kind of expected it to happen. My boyfriend warned me and I had seen previous behaviors that leaned towards this. Because of my expectations, I didnít take it too hard. It was a time of change and I was going forth with an open mind and realization things werenít going to stay the same. Through meditation, journaling, and such I had also sorted through the sadness and emotions accompanying all this.

So the dream...I was in (a dream version which Iíve visited multiple times) of Los Angeles and had this incredible urge to get to a specific bookstore. I was on a bike (I think) and there were obstacles like annoying people, traffic, stoplights, hills. Despite all these, I was on such a mission to get there, I would do anything such as running lights through oncoming traffic. I got to the bookstore before him and was causally walking around but had this feeling of anticipation, a very nervous but excited feeling. I was up front by a sunny window which was adjacent to the door skimming a book to keep busy. He walked in and it was a very similar feeling of when I went a visited my old store to say hi but much more positive. As he walked in I perked up and tried to make eye contact across the room. In the dream, he met my eyes and smiled and looked very happy to see me, like he missed me (which differs from real life because when I tried to make eye contact at my store he ignored me). We walked across the room to each other and warmly embraced. I felt so so happy. Happy that he was even there, that he looked at me, for his attention. I, unfortunately, canít remember much past that because that moment was so overwhelming and I woke up soon after.

Besides the obvious fact that I miss him and wish things were different, I feel like thereís something to this dream. It came out of the blue, havenít spoken to or about ex best friend in a while. Would love some insight please. Thanks in advance. And let me know if you need more info, clarification, etc.