I have had this dream in an instance, but it left me curious ever since. In my dream It was a dark night, and I was returning from a family visit and then I stopped by my wooden house in a village. I don't know for what reason, but I went In the yard of my house and disinterred two travel bags. It was a dark night and it was raining a little. I can recall that the bags were of a high quality and they were made of top-grain leather. This was a lucid occurrence and my vision and touching senses were heightened. Then, I returned to town and took the bags with me. In the sleeping room of my house I opened one of them and revealed its contents. I found old souvenirs, tools, jewelry and a skull. While I was touching the skull it felt lucid. Then, I proceeded to open the other bag. As I was unlocking it, I found roaches coming out from it. I was morbidly terrified, then I flung the bag away. Then the dream ended.