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    Thread: Do you think the act of helping someone in real life contribute to what happened in the dream?

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      Lightbulb Do you think the act of helping someone in real life contribute to what happened in the dream?

      Semi-Lucid: The other night, there was a power outage, a tree branch came down. Then there was a car accident near my house in real- waking life. I stayed with the individual and assisted them with whatever they needed until the help arrived.
      So, here is the deal, I had a dream that night about saving my friend Kevin and some DC who looked like Steve Carell from an explosion. I knew that I was dreaming but, I didn't act on it. I just did what I would do in real life, I suppose. What do you think? Do you think the act of helping someone in real life contribute to what happened in the dream?
      From what I remember, the Steve Carell look-alike Dream character was hanging, dangling on an old abandoned building or factory and screaming for help.
      I recall that my friend, Kevin was laying on the ground wounded, and in pain. Then the Steve DC let go and fell to the ground. I went to get up but, my friend, Kevin stopped me and told me that I can't go because the building was about to collapse. I told him that I can not just leave the guy to die like that. I can feel the concern and anger bubbling up from within. At the last moment, I ran over and dragged the now injured DC, Steve to safety. Just then, the building collapsed.
      Then all of the sudden, one of the factory's chimneys collapsed, fire and then there was an explosion. I covered my friend's body with mine, knowing very well that wouldn't do much.
      Then just like that, the whole scene rewound as if nothing happened. Perhaps, I wanted it to do that. Then the scene changed and I was now at home talking to my mom about the crazy dream that I just had.
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      I think our actions in waking life definitely affect what we dream. Especially if you just experienced something so unusual and emotional as helping someone in an emergency. Maybe the dream was showing that you had the courage to give selflessly and help even though it put you also in danger? Lately I keep running across the idea that helping others is what really helps us the most. If you shift your focus to other people and do good things for them, it helps you grow and develop as a person more.
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