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      Question So I met a dead celebrity in a very vivid dream, can anyone help interpret it?

      So the main guy in the dream was the dead rapper XXXtentacion.

      Some info about the rapper: He was best known for rapping about his depression and hardships, a lot about suicide. He was notoriously known for getting himself in trouble with the law, (the most popular pic of him is his mugshot) he was violent and liked fighting. He seemed quite narcissistic and impulsive and has mentioned it in his lyrics. But he often mentioned how much he appreciated his fans, and was usually very nice to them when confronted. He died in 2018 from a gunshot while being mugged in his car.

      Things I had in common with him: We were both born in 1998. We both had a very troubled upbringing and we both were "talented" in music and liked combining different genres. There could be more but not that I know of right now.

      My current opinion of him: I'm not a big fan of him. I don't hate him or anything like that either, but he seemed like a very troubled individual who had lots of issues, and not the best role model. But some of his songs are alright, especially the heavier ones. But I think it's very odd that I would have a dream about him, when there are other dead musicians that I look up to and know much more about but that I have never dreamt of.

      In the dream I remember being outside my apartment complex, and I vividly saw him and a couple friends of his passing me and entering the building like nothing. I remembered that he was announced dead so I was very puzzled. I discreetly peered into the door and saw them going up the elevator and reaching the floor right above me.

      I went to my apartment, very curious and I turned all the sounds off to hear what they were doing. All of a sudden they blasted one of his loud tracks, think it was "young brats" or something. This shook me and I could feel everything shaking from the bass. I was upset and went outside and took a smoke or something. After a good while X and Ski Mask (another rapper who was his close friend and tended to collaborate with) came out, confronting me that they knew I was more or less spying on them. I acted oblivious and they started attacking me, not violently but kinda shoving me and pushing me while calling me a bitch. This pissed me off so I just left and headed downtown to unwind at a bar or something.

      On my way home I saw him chilling while leaned again a wall and using his phone. I was angry and drunk so I confronted him and said something like "you know what? you're a huge asshole!" and going off on a tangent, ranting about the bad things he had been accused for. He looked at me kinda surprised, he told me I didn't know what I was talking about and left.

      Then when I was right outside my house he came up to me and apologized for shoving me earlier and calling me a bitch, and that I could come along to the party they were having and smoke some weed if I wanted to, I was like "eh, why not", went up the elevator and that's where the dream ended.

      I was so confused when I woke up. I was also pretty drunk before I went to sleep and I tend to have very odd drunk dreams.

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      a bAd rAP

      Key words are depression, hardships, and trouble. Even trouble with the law which can mean with what is right, and liking fighting.
      These are sides we all have sometimes, and can be like a form of suicide as in self-defeating. And being narcissistic and impulsive.
      So your troubled upbringing can be why you dreamt of this rapper.

      Why you dream about him, when there are other dead musicians that you look up to and know much more about may be you don't know enough about this side of you, and really could be the more important to know or deal with.
      Also, him being dead might reflect you wanting this part dead or thought it was, or essentially it is dead as in not life-giving. But it probably keeps coming back.
      That can be the meaning of you seeing him though he was dead, that puzzled you.
      Maybe this part of you gets loud, shaking you deeply, and is like a brat being out of control, or needing more control and right things or the 'law.'
      It upset you. It's confronting. And smoking may mean addictive thought and behaviour, to what is harmful.

      THE LAW
      Ski Mask seems the consequence of the face being covered, or not seen. Yours or others. Maybe you act oblivious, but you were spying on it.
      The apartment complex is part of you, or your part and how you are joined with others or interact.
      And it came to being attacked, pushing and shoving, calling you a name and finally anger.
      If it's not literally like that, it can reflect how you feel, with this unruly side.
      Even unwinding at a bar may not be the solution, though it's social, drink can mean slowly losing control.

      Looks like being against a wall, but leaning on it.
      And puts you on an angry tangent for all the bad things that have happened it might not seem clear who is responsible for.
      Or it might go so far, that it seems others are responsible where they are not. Or you blame them.

      Then, leaving that alone, perhaps you saw it was just best to be sorry for it, for the whole mess.
      This would enable better relations, and you could come along to the party.
      Maybe the weed means focusing on this, it's not so out of control like drinking. It magnifies awareness actually, gives peace, and connection to others.
      Though a bit blasť, or with nothing to lose, you saw then you elevated things.

      Going to bed drunk probably exasperated this side of things, and confusion. But brought it to a head.

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