These two dreams happened consecutively in the same night in the order listed.

Dream one

**** I'm in a house that I've never been in IRL but that I know very, very well in THIS dream. I'm hiding from a girl who's looking for me. I don't know what she wants with me, but somehow I know she's evil or wants to hurt me. I'm not scared though. I don't have any fear of her I just don't want her to find me for whatever reason.
**** I keep moving upstairs and downstairs from room to room trying to hide from her but I always hear her just about to get in to where I'm at and I have to escape to another room.
**** While this keeps happening I remember there's a room upstairs inside two other rooms. You can only gain access to this room through either of the two outer rooms. I go in the first room and lock that door. Then I go into the inner room and lock that door. I repeat this process with the other outer room and inner door.
**** Now I feel safe being locked in a room within a room. I turn around and see steps that weren't there before. They're like wooden bleacher seats lining two of the walls, the back wall and the right wall, meeting in the corner. They go up almost to the ceiling and stop at a opening running all the way across the back wall. A way she could see in and get in. There are square pillars coming up through the steps to the ceiling. I go up the right steps and hide behind one of the pillars.
**** As she's coming up steps on the outside of the back wall she sees me. She looks right into my eyes with wide open eyes and a wicked smile. I'm still not scared though. She climbs through the opening and comes and sits beside me.
**** It's ChloŽ Grace Moretz. Not my dream wife nor my typical dream girl.
**** I turn my head to say something to her and accidentally kiss her. As I do the feeling of her being evil completely changes. Now all I can feel in her is an extreme loneliness and a deep longing to be loved. The lights turn out and she starts kissing me back and I start holding her. The lights come back on and she starts telling me something about how she always wanted to be with me, she was just scared of being hurt.

I awake from the dream

Dream two

**** I'm in a city that I've never been to IRL but that I know very, very well in THIS dream. At the top of a high rise hotel Robert De Niro is holding captive a large group of people, including me.
**** When he's about to take us to be tortured I quietly sneak away, leave the hotel and navigate a small part of the city to a terminal building. The terminals are inside the building and there's a small stream that runs through it that acts as a water way. I get on this boat, it reminds me of an amusement park ride, and take the stream to a tranquil, pastoral park outside the city.
**** When I know the time for us being tortured is up I go back to the hotel and sneak back into the group. I do this several times. I feel a great amount of fear escaping and returning but I always return and never try to get help or stop the others from being tortured and this doesn't seem strange to me in the dream.
**** On the last time escaping I come across a movie theatre directly in my path that wasn't there the previous multiple times I had escaped.
**** It's square with the front and left sides completely open and the back and right sides having the screens. In the middle is a pyramid of wooden bleachers.
**** I climb the bleachers like steps all the way to the top but I don't climb straight up. I'm zigzagging and circling as I climb. When I get to the top I realize I don't know what side to come down. I try to take a different way down but as I get to the bottom I realize I'm heading back the way I came.
**** I decide to just go around the pyramid and as I do I meet my brother and sister-in-law and a couple other people on the way. I tell them to follow me. That I know a way to escape.
**** They weren't part of De Niro's group. For some reason I felt they needed to escape too. From the city maybe?
**** I take them to the terminal except this time the terminal was a hospital. I lose them as I'm desperately looking in this hospital for the water way. When I finally realize this is a completely different place I go back out the hospital.
**** As I'm going out the hospital the dream alters. There is now a large group of people outside the hospital. They're all holding a small glowing blue Crystal in there hands. It's about the size and shape of a grain of rice.
**** It's just a random crowd of people all talking amongst each other. The couple closest to me take the Crystal grain and stick it in their ear. They can now, through some Bluetooth technology, hear each other telepathically. Something is wrong with the girl. I can tell she's in extreme pain and on the guys phone I see the words "something's wrong, kill it." As if this is the message she's sending him. He doesn't notice though. When he looks down at the phone the message has changed to "unknown message." He says something about how this is great. That's when I realize the Crystal grain is completely controlling his perception of reality. That's when I see half the people in the crowd dying like her and the other half unaware like him. It disgusts me and I start trying to help them.

I awake from the dream.

My thoughts

Although I revere both Moretz and De Niro for their acting ability their appearances in my dreams seemed totally random making me think they were just there to "act" the part. Why my dreams chose them I THINK might be, for one, for me to specifically recognize that these characters where only "acting a part" so as to not put to much thought into the actual person's "character", because of their names. Moretz's name meaning blooming grace and Robert De Niro literally meaning fame and fortune.

I didn't realize the steps where in both dreams upon initial review. I'm sure there's some metaphor going on here about "taking steps". I think it really interesting that the steps in the first dream were only respectively "back" and to the "right" and in the second dream the theatre only had a "back" side and a"right" side.