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      Recurring dream about a special city

      I have a recurrent dream that always involves a city in the NL where I lived for 2 years and a half in my 20s. I am now 25 and I have moved back from the NL to my hometown in Italy for 3 years now.
      In my dream I always see that city in the NL, and I always get a mild feeling of fear.... I am there, and I am happy to be there, but at the same time: sometimes I get lost in sinister places, sometimes I meet bad people, sometimes I realize I am not in that city but in another one that looks similar.... I dreamt a few times and also tonight a huge roallercoaster (really, HUGE!!!) in the middle of the main square, I always want so much to ride it but I always feel too scared to do it.
      Can somebody help me what this???
      Please note that:
      I didn't want to move back to Italy, but I had to move because unfortunately I had a stalker there and I got very scared.
      I love the Netherlands and for me those 2 years and a half were a period of huge growth, both as an individual and as an artist; the NL are full of possibilities, unfortunately it's not the same in Italy. I have considered many time the possibility to move back to the NL, a part of me really wants to, but I don't want to loose my boyfriend and I am also scared it could be a failure again.
      Thank you if you will like to help me with this!

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      Recurring Dream of Life

      The huge rollercoaster in the middle of the main square you want so much to ride it but scared to sounds like life itself - the centre of it. Facing it head on with all the ups and downs but is exilerating.
      So the meaning seems to be wanting to be happy yet the fear that always goes along for the ride.
      One can get lost or be diverted to wrong places., maybe why the rollercoaster came after, which is a track you must stay on and finish.

      But reading your notes after, the coaster might mean that period of huge growth, or also, and being scared to return to the NL where it can happen.
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      This sounds like you just interpreted your own dream, not the stalker part but the failure part. You desire to go back but you fear the bad people or bad neighborhoods. The rollercoaster clearly represents NL itself, that you long to go back to but fear the ups and downs of.
      What can I say, you're just faced with a great fork in the road, whether to stay with your boyfriend in Italy or move on back to the Netherlands.

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