I just woke up from this dream, but the details were completely chaotic so I'm not sure I can give any linear order to things.

This was a dream where I was not playing as myself. That alone is worth questioning as it happens to me a lot. What does it mean when you aren't yourself in your own dreams?*

Anyway, I was supposed to be flying somewhere on a plane. I believe this was some kind of business trip. The plane went down in the ocean close to shore and near a rich resort.*
The plane was sticking out of the water and people were being rescued.
Im not sure if I was never on the plane or if I somehow made it safely and cleanly away from the wreckage. Either way, I felt some sort of responsibility for the wreck. I'm not sure if I caused it or if I just felt like I needed to fix it. I just know that I felt the need to get help.*

I ended up in several scenarios after this point and found that I had the ability to reverse time by saying rewind.

In one of these scenarios, I was in a business meeting. There was a new person giving a speech, but he didn't seem to know what he was supposed to be talking about. I kept getting distracted and dozing off. This meeting went on for several hours and appeared to be in some dinner hall in the rich people resort I mentioned. After the meeting, I was talking with a handful of people I knew when I said something horribly inaccurate about what the guy had sad. A friend questioned me so I realized that the person must not have said that and I just imagined it during one of the times I dosed off. In my embarrassment, I rewound time to back when I was desperately trying to make it to the plane.

In most of the scenarios in this dream, I ended up inside the resort. It was a large and multistoried party. Each time, I was trying to figure out my way through this place to get to wherever it was that I needed to be. Somehow, I never found my way through and I kept happening upon some bad people. In one case, I came across a section that was blocked off and two people made an illegal trade. I only know it was illegal because when the guy knew I saw, he started to pursue me so of course, I rewound time. In another scenario, I was the bad person. I came across an attractive woman getting a facial or hair cut or something. I remember she was in a room alone, leaning back and waiting for something with her face covered. I realized that if I could rewind time by saying rewind, that I could also try saying pause. I said pause, looked out the window and saw everything frozen. So I decided to take advantage of the situation. I didn't get very far before finding out this woman wasn't frozen and wasn't happy. So I learned that I could do other things with my power and that not everyone was effected the same. I rewound of course to escape the consequences of the wrong I had done. In another scenario in resort, I was being pursued by someone and I don't know who or why. I tried using other vocal commands that were not time based and, though I can't remember exactly what they were, I realized that I could do literally anything to some degree by saying it out loud. My other commands weren't nearly as effective as my rewind spell though. And they didn't seem to slow down the person that was pursuing me. I tried several different spells and reached the end of my creativity and nothing worked. Once I was cornered in a dark dining room with nowhere to go, I gave up and rewound time to the beginning again.*

In a couple scenarios, I wound up back home. I had a wife that I do not recognized from my waking life. She was out in a courtyard doing some work. I think she might have been hanging clothes on clotheslines. She was tall, fair in completion, and blonde and she wore a full length blue dress. In one of these scenarios, I ended up here by mistake and I was trying to sneak through, but failed and garnered her wrath for not being where I belonged so I rewound time.*
In the last trip through time in my dream, after I had realized that I could do just about anything I proclaimed, I tried coming back home again and using this newfound level of my power to try to have a different result with my wife. I snuck up on her and tried to show her some surprise affection. The dream got a little more detailed in a way better deserving of a different forum so I won't go into explicit detail here. But in the end, even though I showed her a good time and dedicated attention, she still didn't appreciate it and I still garnered her wrath for not being where I belonged.